Abhinav Kranti worked at Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), Queen’s University Belfast (UK), and Tyndall National Institute (Ireland), before joining Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India, in November 2010. Abhinav has co-authored more than 100 scientific articles in reviewed international journals/conferences.

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Upcoming Event:

Short Term Course: Significance, Securing and Sustainability of External Funded Research Projects in Higher Education Institutes
Date: December 16 – 21, 2019
Venue: IIT Indore

Important: Requirement of PhD students and Post Doctoral Fellows

1. PhD candidates:

Low Power Nanoelectronics Research Group is engaged in pioneering research on Capacitorless Dynamic Random Access Memory (1T-DRAM), Steep Switching Transistors, Vertically Stacked Transistors, and Material-Device-Circuit Co-design, for the development of next generation memory and logic technology. The research from the group has been recognized through seminal publications in IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, Applied Physics Letters, IEEE Electron Device Letters and IOP Nanotechnology.

The group has a strong collaborations with leading international researchers, and after completing PhD, students often receive offers for post-doctoral positions abroad. Many existing PhD students are expected to graduate in the next couple of months, and I am actively seeking PhD candidates in my research group. Exceptionally talented and motivated candidates, with strong background in Emerging Semiconductor Devices and Physics, Biosensors, Nanoelectronics, VLSI and Circuit Design intending to work on emerging research problems are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please email (akranti[at]iiti.ac.in) a copy of your detailed CV along with a clear and well defined Statement of Purpose. Interested candidates are welcome to visit IIT Indore and interact with me.

2. Post Doctoral Fellows:

Candidates interested for a post-doctoral position within my research group through external funding such National Post Doctoral Fellowship (NPDF), sponsored projects, etc. should email (akranti[at]iiti.ac.in) a copy of their detailed CV, one page description of the proposed research work along with a clear and well defined Statement of Purpose. Prospective candidates are welcome to visit IIT Indore for further interaction.


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