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Dr. Apurba K. Das

PhD (IACS, Jadavpur University)

Associate Professor in Chemistry


Area of research

Self-assembly study of bioinspired organic molecules and its application in catalysis and nanobiotechnology

We are located in the Department of Chemistry at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Indore. Our group's research interests are based on development of new approaches to functional organic molecule synthesis and the influence of non-covalent interactions on structure and function from biology to chemistry to nanosciences. Our group is focused on multidisciplinary research involving techniques in chemistry, biology and nanosciences. The group has a long-standing interest on supramolecular electronics, cell culture and nanocatalysis applications of synthesized self-assembled molecular materials.

Position is open for individuals (under Inspire-DST or UGC/CSIR/equivalent JRF scheme) with a background in Chemistry or Biochemistry to conduct research. Prospective candidates are welcome to apply via e-mail to apurba.das@iiti.ac.in.

Supramolecular Chemical Nanoscience Group (SCNG)




Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Khandwa Road, Simrol, Indore 453552, India


Email: apurba.das@iiti.ac.in

Latest News


Our work on Peptide-based Coassembled Hydrogel for Dermal Wound Healing is published in ACS Applied Bio Materials.


Our work on Dynamic Imino-boronate G-quarduplex Hydrogel is published in ACS Applied Bio Materials.


Our work on Anti-inflammatory Peptide Hydrogel is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


Our work on 3D printed G-quadruplex Hydrogels is published in Chemical Communications.



Dr. Apurba K. Das


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