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Congratulations Ankan for his first prize as a poster presenter in the International 3D Bioprinting Research Symposium held in Royal Free Hospital, University College London, UK on November 22, 2019.


Congratulations Ankan for securing SERB Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship (OVDF).


Our work on Anti-Inflammatory Hydrogel is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


Our work on Effects of Injectable Hydrogels on Bacterial and Human Blood Cells is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


Our work on Modulating Peptide Self-assembly by Native Chemical Ligation-Desulfurization Events is published in Chemistry - An Asian Journal.


Our work on Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Proliferation with a Lipase Catalysed Dissipative Self-assembled System is published in Biomacromolecules.


Congratulations Indrajit for his PhD thesis defense on 13th March 2015.


Our papers on Selenoester Mediated Native Chemical Ligation and Benzo[ghi]perylene Monoimide Based Photosensitive Nanohybrids have won Best Research Paper Awards in IIT Indore for the year 2015.


Congratulations Dnyanesh for the 1st Prize of 2014 Lilly Outstanding Thesis Awards. The award consists of USD 1500 and a Lilly plaque.


Congratulations Dnyanesh who successfully defended his PhD thesis on 26th August 2014!


Our work on selenoesters mediated native chemical ligation is published in Chem. Commun.


Our work on lipase catalysed inclusion of gastrodigenin for the evolution of blue light emitting peptide nanofibers is published in Chem. Commun.


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