CORE Computer Science Conference Rankings

AcronymStandard NameRank
AAAINational Conference of the American Association for Artificial IntelligenceA+
AAMASInternational Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent SystemsA+
ACLAssociation of Computational LinguisticsA+
ACMMMACM Multimedia ConferenceA+
ASPLOSArchitectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating SystemsA+
CAVComputer Aided VerificationA+
CCSACM Conference on Computer and Communications SecurityA+
CHIInternational Conference on Human Factors in Computing SystemsA+
COLTAnnual Conference on Computational Learning TheoryA+
CRYPTOAdvances in CryptologyA+
CSCLComputer Supported Collaborative LearningA+
DCCIEEE Data Compression ConferenceA+
DSNInternational Conference on Dependable SystemsA+
EuroCryptInternational Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptographic TechniquesA+
FOCSIEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer ScienceA+
FOGAFoundations of Genetic AlgorithmsA+
HPCAIEEE Symposium on High Performance Computer ArchitectureA+
I3DGACM-SIGRAPH Interactive 3D GraphicsA+
ICAPSInternational Conference on Automated Planning and SchedulingA+
ICCVIEEE International Conference on Computer VisionA+
ICDEIEEE International Conference on Data EngineeringA+
ICDMIEEE International Conference on Data MiningA+
ICFPInternational Conference on Functional ProgrammingA+
ICISInternational Conference on Information SystemsA+
ICMLInternational Conference on Machine LearningA+
ICSEInternational Conference on Software EngineeringA+
IJCAIInternational Joint Conference on Artificial IntelligenceA+
IJCARInternational Joint Conference on Automated ReasoningA+
INFOCOMJoint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications SocietiesA+
InfoVisIEEE Information Visualization ConferenceA+
IPSNInformation Processing in Sensor NetworksA+
ISCAACM International Symposium on Computer ArchitectureA+
ISMARIEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented RealityA+
ISSACInternational. Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic ComputationA+
ISWCIEEE International Symposium on Wearable ComputingA+
IWQoSIFIP International Workshop on QoSA+
JCDLACM Conference on Digital LibrariesA+
KRInternational Conference on Principles of KR & ReasoningA+
LICSIEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer ScienceA+
MOBICOMACM International Conferencem on Mobile Computing and NetworkingA+
NIPSAdvances in Neural Information Processing SystemsA+
OOPSLAACM Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages and ApplicationsA+
OSDIUsenix Symposium on Operating Systems Design and ImplementationA+
PERCOMIEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and CommunicationsA+
PERVASIVEInternational Conference on Pervasive ComputingA+
PLDIACM-SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design & ImplementationA+
PODCACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed ComputingA+
PODSACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGART Conferenceon Principles of Database SystemsA+
POPLACM-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Prog LangsA+
RSSRobotics: Systems and ScienceA+
RTSSReal Time Systems SympA+
SENSYSACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor SystemsA+
SIGCOMMACM Conference on Applications, Technologies,Architectures, and Protocols for Computer CommunicationA+
SIGGRAPHACM SIG International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive TechniquesA+
SIGIRACM International Conference on Research and Development in Information RetrievalA+
SIGKDDACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data MiningA+
SIGMETRICSACM SIG on computer and communications metrics and performanceA+
SIGMODACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data ConferenceA+
SODAACM/SIAM Symposium on Discrete AlgorithmsA+
SOSPACM SIGOPS Symposium on Operating Systems PrinciplesA+
STOCACM Symposium on Theory of ComputingA+
UAIConference in Uncertainty in Artifical IntelligenceA+
UbiCompUniquitous ComputingA+
VLDBInternational Conference on Very Large DatabasesA+
WWWInternational World Wide Web ConferenceA+
ACM-HTACM Hypertext ConfA
AHInternational Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based SystemsA
AIDInternational Conference on AI in DesignA
AIEDInternational Conference on Artificial Intelligence in EducationA
AIIMArtificial Intelligence in MedicineA
AIMEArtificial Intelligence in Medicine in EuropeA
AiMLAdvances in Modal LogicA
ALENEXWorkshop on Algorithm Engineering and ExperimentsA
ALIFEInternational Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living SystemsA
AMAIArtificial Intelligence and MathsA
AMIAAmerican Medical Informatics Annual Fall SymposiumA
AOSDAspect-Oriented Software DevelopmentA
APPROXInternational Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization ProblemsA
ASAPInternational Conference on Apps for Specific Array ProcessorsA
ASEAutomated Software Engineering ConferenceA
ASIACRYPTInternational Conference on the Theory and Applications of CryptologyA
ASIS&TAnnual conference of American Society for Information Science and TechnologyA
ATVAInternational Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and AnalysisA
AVSSAdvanced Video and Signal Based SurveillanceA
BMVCBritish Machine Vision ConferenceA
BPMInternational Conference in Business Process ManagementA
CADEInternational Conference on Automated DeductionA
CAIPInternational Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and PatternsA
CaiSEInternational Conference on Advanced Information Systems EngineeringA
CANIMComputer AnimationA
CASESInternational Conference on Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded SystemsA
CBSEInternational Symposium Component-Based Software EngineeringA
CCInternational Conference on Compiler ConstructionA
CCCIEEE Symposium on Computational ComplexityA
CCGRIDIEEE Symposium on Cluster Computing and the GridA
CDCIEEE Conference on Decision and ControlA
CGIComputer Graphics InternationalA
CGOCode Generation and OptimizationA
CIDRConference on Innovative Data Systems ResearchA
CIKMACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge ManagementA
CLUSTERCluster Computing ConferenceA
COCOONInternational Conference on Computing and CombinatoricsA
CogSciAnnual Conference of the Cognitive Science SocietyA
COLINGInternational Conference on Computational LiguisticsA
CONCURInternational Conference on Concurrency TheoryA
CoNLLConference on Natural Language LearningA
CoopISInternational Conference on Cooperative Information SystemsA
CoordinationInternational Conference on Coordination Models and LanuguagesA
CPInternational Conference on Principles & Practice of Constraint ProgrammingA
CPAIORInternational Conference on Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research Techniques in Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimization ProblemsA
CSBIEEE Computational Systems Bioinformatics ConferenceA
CSCWACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative WorkA
CSFWIEEE Computer Security Foundations WorkshopA
CSSACCognitive Science Society Annual ConferenceA
CVPRIEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern RecognitionA
DACDesign Automation ConfA
DASInternational Workshop on Document Analysis SystemsA
DASFAADatabase Systems for Advanced ApplicationsA
DATEIEEE/ACM Design, Automation & Test in Europe ConferenceA
DEXAInternational Conference on Database and Expert Systems ApplicationsA
DIGRADigital Games Research ConferenceA
DISDesigning Interactive SystemsA
DISCInternational Symposium on Distributed Computing (ex WDAG)A
DocEngACM Symposium on Document EngineeringA
DOODDeductive and Object-Oriented DatabasesA
DUXDesign for User ExperienceA
EAAIEngineering Applications of Artifical IntelligenceA
EACLEuropean Association of Computational LinguisticsA
EASEInternational Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software EngineeringA
ECACM Conference on Electronic CommerceA
ECAIEuropean Conference on Artificial IntelligenceA
ECCVEuropean Conference on Computer VisionA
ECDLEuropean Conference on Digital LibrariesA
ECISEuropean Conference on Information SystemsA
ECMLEuropean Conference on Machine LearningA
ECOOPEuropean Conference on object-oriented programmingA
ECRTSEuromicro Conference on Real-Time SystemsA
ECSCWEuropean Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative WorkA
ECWebInternational Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web TechnologyA
EDBTExtending Database TechnologyA
EKAWInternational Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge ManagementA
EMMSADExploring Modelling Methods in Systems Analysis and DesignA
EMNLPEmpirical Methods in Natural Language ProcessingA
EMSOFTACM Conference on Embedded SoftwareA
ESAEuropean Symposium on AlgorithmsA
e-scienceIEEE International Conference on e-science and Grid ComputingA
ESEMInternation Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and MeasurementA
ESOPEuropean Symposium on ProgrammingA
ESORICSEuropean Symposium on Research in Computer SecurityA
ESQARUInternational Joint Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Practical ReasoningA
ESWCEuropean Semantic Web ConferenceA
EuroCOLTEuropean Conference on Computational Learning TheoryA
EUROGRAPHEuropean Graphics ConferenceA
EuroParInternational Conference on Parallel ProcessingA
EuroPVM/MPIEuopean PVM/MPI Uswers' Group ConferenceA
EuroSpeechEuropean Conference on Speech Communication and TechnologyA
EuroSPIEuropean SPIA
EuroSysEurosys ConferenceA
EWSNEuropean conference on Wireless Sensor NetworksA
FCCMIEEE Symposium on Field Programmable Custom Computing MachinesA
FLOPSInternational Symposium on Functional and Logic ProgrammingA
FMEFormal Methods EuropeA
FODOInternational Conference on Foundation on Data OrganizationA
FORTEIFIP Joint Int'l Conference on Formal Description Techniques and Protocol Specification, Testing, And VerificationA
FPSACFormal Power Series and Algebraic CombinatoricsA
FSEACM Conference on the Foundations of Software Engineering (inc ESEC-FSE when held joInternationaly [sic])A
FSRInternational Conference on Field and Service RoboticsA
FST&TCSFoundations of Software Technology & Theoretical Computer ScienceA
FUZZ-IEEEIEEE International Conference on Fuzzy SystemsA
GDGraph DrawingA
GridInternational Conference on Grid ComputingA
GroupACM Special Interest Group on Supporting Group Work (was SIGGRoup)A
HiPCInternational Conference on High Performance ComputingA
HOTCHIPS (HCS)Symposium on High Performance ChipsA
HOTNETSACM Workshop on Hot Topics in NetworksA
HotOSUSENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating SystemsA
HPDCIEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed ComputingA
HypertextACM Conference on Hypertext and HypermediaA
IC3NInternational Conference on Computer Communication and NetworksA
ICADLInternational Conference of Asian Digital LibrariesA
ICALPInternational Colloquium on Automata, Languages and ProgrammingA
ICALTIEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning TechnologiesA
ICARCVInternational Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and VisionA
ICCIEEE International Conference on CommunicationsA
ICCADInternational Conference on Computer-Aided DesignA
ICCLIEEE International Conference on Computer LanguagesA
ICCSInternational Conference on Computational ScienceA
ICCSInternational Conference on Conceptual StructuresA
ICDARIEEE International Conference on Document Analysis and RecognitionA
ICDCSIEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing SystemsA
ICDTInternational Conference on Database TheoryA
ICECCSIEEE International Conference on Engineering and Complex Computer SystemsA
ICERInternational Computing Education Research WorkshopA
ICGGInternational Conference on Grid ComputingA
ICIAPInternational Conference on Image Analysis and ProcessingA
ICIPIEEE International Conference on Image ProcessingA
ICLPInternational conference on Logic ProgrammingA
ICMASInternational Conference on Multi Agent SystemsA
ICNNIEEE International Conference on Neural NetworksA
ICNPInternational Conference on Network ProtocolsA
ICONIPInternational Conference on Neural Information ProcessingA
ICPPInternational Conference on Parallel ProcessingA
ICPRInternational Conference on Pattern RecognitionA
ICSACM International Conference on SupercomputingA
ICSC2International Computer Symposium ConferenceA
ICSMInternational. Conferenceon Software MaintenanceA
ICSOCInternational Conference on Service Oriented ComputingA
ICSPInternational Conference on Software ProcessA
ICSPCInternational Conference on Security in Pervasive ComputingA
ICSRIEEE International Conference on Software ReuseA
ICTLInternational Coference on Temporal LogicA
IDAIntelligent Data AnalysisA
IEEE-AlifeIEEE International Symposium on Artificial LifeA
IEEE-CECCongress on Evolutionary ComputationA
IEEE-MMIEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and SystemsA
IEEETKDEIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data EngineeringA
IFIP_WG 11.3IFIP WG 11.3 Working Conference on Data and Applications Security (was IFIP-DBSEC)A
IJCNLPInternational Joint Conference on Natural Language ProcessingA
IJCNNIEEE International Joint Conference on Neural NetworksA
ILPSInternational Logic Programming SymposiumA
IMIFIP/IEEE Integrated Management (odd years sharing with NOMS)A
IMCInternet Measurement ConferenceA
INTERACTIFIP International Conference on Human-Computer InteractionA
IPCOMPS Conference on integer programming & combinatorial optimizationA
IPDPSIEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (was IPPS and SPDP)A
ISAACInternational Symposium on Algorithms and ComputationA
ISDInternational Conference on Information Systems DevelopmentA
ISESEInternational Symposium on Empirical Software EngineeringA
ISMBIntelligent Systems in Molecular BiologyA
ISRInternational Symposium on RoboticsA
ISSCCIEEE International Solid-State Circuits ConferenceA
ISSRInternational Symposium on Robotics ResearchA
ISSREInternational Symposium on Software Reliability EngineeringA
ISSTAInternation Symposium on Software Testing and AnalysisA
ISTAInternational Conference on Information Systems Technology and its ApplicationA
ISTCSIsrael Symposium on Theory of Computing and SystemsA
ISWCInternational Semantic Web ConferenceA
ITiCSEAnnual Conference on Integrating Technology into Computer Science EducationA
ITSInternational Conference on Intelligent Tutoring SystemsA
IUIIntelligent User InterfacesA
IVCNZImage and Vision Computing ConferenceA
JELIALogics in Artificial Intelligence, European ConferenceA
JICSLP/ICLP/ILPSInternational Conference/Symposium on Logic Programming (Joint)A
K-CAPKnowledge captureA
LCNIEEE Conference on Local Computer NetworksA
LCTESACM SIGPLAN Conference on Languages, Tools, and Compilers for Embedded SystemsA
LPARLogic Programming and Automated ReasoningA
LPNMRInternational Conference on Logic Programming and Non-monotonic ReasoningA
MASCOTSSymposium Model Analysis & Simulation of Computer & Telecommunications SystemsA
MASSIEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor SystemsA
MassParSymposium on Frontiers of Massively Parallel ProcessingA
MICROInternational Symposium on MicroarchitectureA
MiddlewareACM/IFIP/USENIX th International Middleware ConferenceA
MIRACM SIGMM International Woekshop on Multimedia Information RetrievalA
MMCNACM/SPIE Multimedia Computing and NetworkingA
MMSPInternational Workshop on Multimedia Signal ProcessingA
MOBIHOCACM Symposium of mobile and ad hoc computingA
MobileHCIInternational Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and ServicesA
MobiquitousInternational Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Networks and ServicesA
MobisysACM SIGMOBILE International Conference on mobile systems, applications and servicesA
MODELSInternational Conference on the Unified Modeling Language (formerly UML)A
MSWIMACM/IEEE International Conference on Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile SystemsA
NAACLNorth American Association for Computational LinguisticsA
NDSSUsenix Networked and Distributed System Security SymposiumA
Net Object DaysIncludings [sic] MATES, ENASE etc.A
NetStoreNetwork Storage SymposiumA
Networking 200XIFIP Networking 200XA
NOSSDAVNetwork and OS Support for Digital A/VA
NSDISymposium on Networked Systems, Design and ImplementationA
OPENARCHIEEE Conference on Open Architecture and Network ProgrammingA
P2PIEEE International Conference on Peer-toPeer ComputingA
PACTInternational Conference on Parallel Architecture and Compilation TechniquesA
PADLPractical Aspects of Declarative LanguagesA
PADSACM/IEEE/SCS Workshop on Parallel & Distributed SimulationA
PAKDDPacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data MiningA
PDCParticipatory Design ConferenceA
PEPMACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evalutation and Program ManipulationA
PERFORMANCEIFIP International Symposium on Computing Performance, Modelling, Measurement and EvaluationA
PGPacific GraphicsA
PKDDEuropean Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesA
PPoPPPrinciples and Practice of Parallel ProgrammingA
PPSNParallel Problem Solving from NatureA
PRO-VEIFIP Working Conferences on Virtual EnterprisesA
PTPerformance Tools - International Conference on Model Techniques & Tools for CPEA
QoSAConference on the Quality of Software ArchitecturesA
QSICInternational Quality Software ConferenceA
RAIDSymposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion DetectionA
RANDOMInternational Workshop on Randomization and ComputationA
REIEEE Requirements EngineeringA
RECOMBAnnual International Conferenceon Comp Molecular BiologyA
RoboCupRobot Soccer World CupA
RSTInternational Conference on Reliable Software TechnologiesA
RTAInternational Conference on Rewriting Techniques and ApplicationsA
RTASIEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications SymposiumA
S&PIEEE Symposium on Security and PrivacyA
SARASymposium on Abstraction, Reformulation and ApproximationA
SASStatic Analysis SymposiumA
SATInternational Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability TestingA
SCAACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer AnimationA
SCCIEEE International Conference on Services ComputingA
SCGACM Symposium on Computational GeometryA
SCOPESInternational Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded SystemsA
SDMSIAM International Conference on Data MiningA
SDSDIUnix Symposium on Operating Systems Design and ImplementationA
SIGCSEACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education ConferenceA
SMSIEEE International Symposium on Software MetricsA
SPAASymposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and ArchitecturesA
SPICESoftware Process Improvement and Capability DeterminationA
SRDSSymposium on Reliable Distributed SystemsA
SSDBMInternational Conference on Scientific and Statistical Data Base ManagementA
SSPRStructural and Statistical pattern recognitionA
SSRACM Symposium on Software ReusabilityA
SSTDInternational Symposium on Spatial DatabasesA
STACSSymposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer ScienceA
SUPERACM/IEEE Supercomputing ConferenceA
SWATScandinavian Workshop on Algorithm TheoryA
TABLEAUXInternational Conference on Theorem Proving with Analytic Tableaux and Related MethodsA
TACASTools and Algorithms for Construction and Analysis of SystemsA
TARKTheoretical Aspects of Rationality and KnowledgeA
TIMEInternational Symposium on Temporal Representation and ReasoningA
TRECText Retrieval ConferenceA
UISTACM Symposium on User Interface Software and TechnologyA
UMInternational Conference on User ModellingA
USENIXUSENIX Annual Technical ConferenceA
USENIX-SecurityUsenix SecurityA
USITSUnix Symposium on Internet TechnologiesA
VCIPSPIE International Conference on Visual Communications and Image ProcessingA
VISIEEE VisualizationA
VL/HCCIEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (was VL)A
VLSIIEEE Symposium VLSI CircuitsA
VMCAIVerification, Model Checking and Abstract InterpretationA
WACVIEEE Workshop on Apps of Computer VisionA
WADSWorkshop on Algorithms and Data StructuresA
WICSAEEE/IFIP Working Conference on Software ArchitectureA
WISEInternational Conference on Web Information Systems EngineeringA
WoWMoMIEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia NetworksA
WPHOLInternational Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order LogicsA
AAAAECCInternational Symposium on Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms and Error-Correcting CodesB
AAIMConference on Algorithmic Aspects in Information and ManagementB
ACALAustralian Conference on Artificial LifeB
ACCVAsian Conference on Computer VisionB
ACEAustralasian Conference on Computer Science EducationB
ACISAustralasian Conference on Information SystemsB
ACISPAustralasian Conference on Information Security and PrivacyB
ACIVSAdvanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision SystemsB
ACOSMAustralian Conference on Software MetricsB
ACRAAustralian Conference on Robotics and AutomationB
ACSAustralian Supercomputing ConfB
ACSACAustralasian Computer Systems Architecture Conference (now Asia-Pacific Computer Systems Architecture Conference)B
ACSCAustralasian Computer Science ConferenceB
ACSDApplication of Concurrency to System DesignB
ADBISSymposium on Advances in DB and Information SystemsB
ADCAustralasian Database ConferenceB
ADCSAustralasian Document Computing SymposiumB
ADHOC-NOWInternational Conference on AD-HOC Networks & WirelessB
ADTIInternational Symposium on Advanced DB Technologies and IntegrationB
AI*IACongress of the Italian Assoc for AIB
AINAInternational Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (was ICOIN)B
AISPAustralasia Conference on Information Security and PrivacyB
ALEXAlgorithms and ExperimentsB
ALGENGG Workshop on Algorithm EngineeringB
ALPInternational Conference on Algebraic and Logic ProgrammingB
ALTAWAustralasian Language Techology Association WorkshopB
AMCISAmericas Conference on Information SystemsB
AMOCAsian International Mobile Computing ConferrenceB
ANALCOWorkshop on Analytic Algorithms and CombinatoricsB
ANNIEArtificial Neural Networks in Engineering ConferenceB
ANTSInternational Workshop on Ant ColonyB
ANZIISAustralian and New Zealand Intelligent Information Systems ConferenceB
AofAConference on Analysis of AlgorithmsB
AOIRInternet ResearchB
AOISAgent-Oriented Information Systems WorkshopB
AOSEAgent-Oriented Software Engineering WorkshopB
APAMIAsia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics ConferenceB
APBCAsia-Pacific Bioinformatics ConferenceB
APCCIEEE Asia Pacific Conference on CommunicationsB
APCHIAsia-Pacific Conference on Computer Human InteractionB
APLASASIAN Symposium on Programming Languages and SystemsB
APNOMSAsia-Pacific Network Operations and Management SymposiumB
APSECAsia-Pacific Software Engineering ConferenceB
APWEBAsia Pacific Web ConferenceB
ARANational Conference of the Australian Robot AssociationB
ARESInternational Conference on Availability, Reliability and SecurityB
ASADMChicago ASA Data Mining Conference- A Hard Look at DMB
ASIANAsian Computing Science ConferenceB
ASSIEEE Annual Simulation SymposiumB
ASWECAustralian Software Engineering ConferenceB
ASWECAustralian Software Engineering ConferenceB
AUICAustralasian User Interface ConferenceB
AusAIAustralian Joint Conference on Artificial IntelligenceB
AusDMAustralian Data Mining ConferenceB
AusWITAustralian Women in IT ConferenceB
AWOCAAustralasian Workshop on Combinatorial AlgorithmsB
AWREAustralian Workshop on Requirements EngineeringB
AWTIArgentine Workshop on Theoretical InformaticsB
BASYSIEEE/IFIP International Conference on Information Technology for Balanced Automation SystemsB
BNCODBritish National Conference on DatabasesB
BroadnetsInternational Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks and SystemsB
CAAICanadian Artificial Intelligence ConferenceB
CAANWorkshop on Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of NetworkingB
CACSDIEEE/IFAC Joint Symposium on Intelligent ControlB
CAIAConference on Artificial Intelligence for ApplicationsB
CATSComputing: The Australasian Theory SymposiumB
CCAIEEE International Conference on Control ApplicationsB
CCCGCanadian Conferenceon Computational GeometryB
CCWIEEE Computer Communications WorkshopB
CDIFIP/ACM Working Conference on Component DeploymentB
CEASInternational Conference on Email and Anti-SpamB
CEC/EEEIEEE Conference on Electronic Commerce Technology and Enterprise Computing, e_Commerce and e-ServicesB
CGAWorkshop on Computational Geometry and ApplicationsB
CHESCryptographic Hardware and Embedded SystemsB
CIAAInternational Conference on Implementation and Application of AutomataB
CIACItalian Conference on Algorithms and ComplexityB
CICLINGConference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational LinguisticsB
CISTMConference on Information Science, Technology and ManagementB
CITBComplexity and information-theoretic approaches to biologyB
COCOAConference on Combinatorial Optimization and ApplicationsB
COMADInternational Conference on Management of DataB
COMMONSENSESymposium on Logical Formalizations of Commonsense ReasoningB
CompLifeInternational Symposium on Computational Life ScienceB
COMPSACInternational Computer Software and Applications ConferenceB
CONPARInternational Conference on Vector and Parallel ProcessingB
CPMCombinatorial Pattern MatchingB
CSL,2 th Annual Conference on Computer Science LogicB
DACDigital Arts and CultureB
DAFXDigital Audio Effects ConferenceB
DAISIFIP International Conference on Distributed Applications and Inoperable SystemsB
DaWaKData Warehousing and Knowledge DiscoveryB
DB&ISInternational Baltic Conference on Databases and Information SystemsB
DCOSSIEEE Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor SystemsB
DICTAAustralian Pattern Recognition Society ConferenceB
DISRAIEEE International Workshop on Distributed Intelligent Simululation and Real-Time ApplicationsB
DITWInternationale Tagung WirtschaftsinformatikB
DLTDevelopments in Language TheoryB
DMTCSInternational Conference on Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer ScienceB
DNAMeeting on DNA Based ComputersB
DSOMIFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems Operations and ManagementB
DS-RTDistributed Simulation and Real-time ApplicationsB
DSSDistributed Simulation SymposiumB
DYSPANIEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access NetworksB
ECAIMEuropean Conference on AI in MedicineB
ECALEuropean Conferene on Artificial LifeB
ECBSAnnual IEEE International Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of Computer Based SystemsB
ECCBEuropean Conference on Computational BiologyB
ECEGEurpopean Conference on e-GovernmentB
ECIMEEuropean Conference on Information Management and EvaluationB
ECIREuropean Conference on Information RetrievalB
ED-MEDIAWorld Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and TelecommunicationsB
EDOCThe Enterprise Computing ConferenceB
EEEIEEE e-technology, e-service and e-commerce conferenceB
EGCEuropean Grid ConferenceB
EmnetsIEEE Embedded Sensor Networks WorskhopB
EPIAPortuguese Conference on Artificial IntelligenceB
ERInternational Conference on Conceptual ModelingB
ERCIM/CSCLPERCIMAnnual Workshop on Constraint Solving and Contraint Logic ProgrammingB
ESEAEuromicro International Conference on software engineering and applicationsB
ESECEuropean Software Engineering ConferenceB
ESMEuropean Simulation MulticonferenceB
ESSEuropean Simulation SymposiumB
EuAdaAda-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software TechnologiesB
EUROGPEuropean Conference on Genetic ProgrammingB
EuroPDPEUROMICRO Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based processingB
EUSIPCOEuropean Signal Processing ConferenceB
EWLREuropean Workshop on Learning RobotsB
FASEFundamental Approaches to Software EngineeringB
FCKAMLFrench Conference on Knowledge Acquisition & Machine LearningB
FCTFundamentals of Computation TheoryB
FEMInternational Conference on Formal Engineering MethodsB
FEWFDBFar East Workshop on Future DB SystemsB
FIEFrontiers in EducationB
FINCRYFinancial CryptographyB
FOSSACSFoundations of Software Science and Computational StructuresB
FSENCRYFast Software EncryptionB
FTPInternational Workshops on First-Order Theorem ProvingB
FTRTFTFormal Techniques in Real-Time and Fault Tolerant SystemsB
FUNConference on fun with algorithmsB
GECCOGenetic and Evolutionary ComputationsB
GLOBECOMIEEE Global Telecommunications ConferenceB
GMPGeometry Modeling and ProcessingB
GPCEInternational Conference on Generative Programming and Component EngineeringB
HASEIEEE International Symposiumon High Assurance Systems EngineeringB
HICSSHawaii International Conference on System SciencesB
HLTHuman Language TechnologiesB
HPCNInternational Conference on High Performance Computing and NetworkingB
HPSRIEEE Workshop on High Performance Switching and RoutingB
IAAIInnovative Applications in AIB
ICA3PPIEEE International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel ProcessingB
ICAILInternational Conference on Artificial Intelligence and LawB
ICANNInternational Conference on Artificial Neural NetworksB
ICASSPIEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal ProcessingB
ICATPNInternational Conference on the Application and Theory of Petri NetsB
ICCBInternational Conference on Case-Based ReasoningB
ICCBSSIEEE International Conference on COTS-Based Software SystemsB
ICCEInternational Conference on Computers in EducationB
ICCIInternational Conference on Computing and InformationB
ICDCNIEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing and NetworkingB
ICEBEIEEE Conference on e-Business EngineeringB
ICEIMTInternational Confernce on Enterprise Integration and Modelling TechnologyB
ICEISInternational Conference on Enterprise Information SystemsB
ICGAInternational Conference on Genetic AlgorithmsB
ICGTInternational Conference on Graph TransformationsB
ICICSecInternational Conference on Information and Communications SecurityB
ICMEIEEE International Conference on Multimedia & ExpoB
ICMSInternational Conference on Multiagent SystemsB
ICONIEEE International Conference on NetworksB
ICPADSIEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed SystemsB
ICRAIEEE International Conference on Robotics and AutomationB
ICSCInternational Computer Science ConferenceB
ICSEAInternational Conference on Software Engineering AdvancesB
ICSECInternational Conferenceon Information and Communications SecurityB
IC-SoftInternational Conference on Software and Data TechnologiesB
ICTACInternational Colloquium on Theoretical Ascpects of ComputingB
ICTAIIEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial IntelligenceB
ICWSIEEE International Conference on Web ServicesB
IDEASInternational Database Engineering and Applications SymposiumB
IEInteractive EntertainmentB
IEAAIInternational Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert SystemsB
IEEE RFIDIEEE International Conference on Remote Frequency IdentificationB
IEEE-IVIntelligent Vehicles ConferenceB
IFMIntegrated Formal MethodsB
IFSAIFSA World CongressB
IJCNLP2International Joint Conference on Computational LinguisticsB
ILPInductive Logic ProgrammingB
INIEEE Intell Network WorkshopB
INBSIEEE International Symposium on Intelleligence in Neural & Biological SystemsB
INETInternet Society ConferenceB
INFHWorkshop on Information HidingB
InSITEInforming Science and IT Education ConferenceB
IPCCCIEEE International Performance Computing and Communications ConferenceB
IRISInformation Systems Research Seminar in ScandinaviaB
IRMAInformation Resources Management Association International ConferenceB
IROSIEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and SystemsB
ISCCIEEE Symposium on Computers & CommunicationsB
ISCISInternational Symposium on Computer and Information SciencesB
ISEATIntegration of Software Engineering and Agent TechnologyB
ISICIEEE International Symposium on Intelligent ControlB
ISMMInternational Symposium on Memory ManagementB
ITCIEEE International Test ConferenceB
IWANNInternational Work-Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural NetworksB
IWCASEInternational Workshop on Cumpter-Aided Software EngB
IWCMCACM International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing ConferenceB
IWPECInternational Workshop on Parameterized and Exact ComputationB
JCSCJournal of Computing Science in Colleges (conference proceedings)B
JMLCJoint Modular Languages ConferenceB
KESInternational Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering SystemsB
KIGerman AI conferenceB
KoliCalling Baltic Sea Conference on Computing Education ResearchB
LATINInternational Symposium on Latin American Theoretical InformaticsB
LDTALanguage Descriptions, Tools and ApplicationsB
LENLSLogic & Engineering of Natural Language SemanticsB
LFCSLogical Foundations of Computer ScienceB
LOPSTRInternational Symposium on Logic-based Program Synthesis and TransformationB
LPMAInternational Workshop on Logic Programming and Multi-AgentsB
M2VIPMechatronics and Machine Vision in PracticeB
MATESGerman conference on Multi-Agent system TechnologiesB
MCUUniversal Machines and ComputationsB
MDMInternational Conference on Mobile Data Access/Management (MDA/MDM)B
MEDINFOWorld Congeress on Medical InformaticsB
MEGAMethods Effectives en Geometrie AlgebriqueB
MFCSMathematical Foundations of Computer ScienceB
MLMIJoint workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Related Machine Learnig AlgorithmsB
MMMMultimedia ModellingB
MPCMathematics of Program ConstructionB
MPCSInternational Conference on Massively Parallel Computing SystemsB
MPPOIMassively Parallel Processing Using Optional InterconnectionsB
NCCNational Conference CommunicationsB
NGDBInternational Symposium on Next Generation Data Base Systems and ApplicationsB
NOMSIEEE Network Operations and Management SymposiumB
NORDCHINorwegian Computer Human InteractionB
ODPIFIP International Conference on Open Distributed ProcessingB
OPODISInternational Conference on Principles of Distributed SystemsB
OZCHIAustralian Computer Human Interaction ConferenceB
PACESPacific Asian Conference on Expert SystemsB
PACISPacific Asia Conference on Information SystemsB
PACLICPacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and ComputationB
PACLINGConference of the Pacific Association for Computational LinguisticsB
PAMPassive and Active Measurement ConferenceB
PASTEACM SIGSOFT Workshop on Program Analysis for Software Tools and EngineeringB
PATATPractice and Theory of Automated TimetablingB
PDCATInternational Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and TechnologiesB
PIMRCIEEE International Symposium on Personal and Indoor Mobile Radio ConferenceB
PKAWPacific Rim Knowledge Acquisition WorkshopB
PKCPublic Key CryptosystemsB
PLILPSymposium on Programming Language Implementation and Logic ProgrammingB
PPDPInternational Conference on Principles and Practice of Declarative ProgrammingB
PPIGAnnual PPIG WorkshopB
PRICAIPacific Rim International Conference on Artificial IntelligenceB
PRIMAPacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-AgentsB
PROFESProduct Focused Software Process ImprovementB
PROSimInternational Workshop on Software Process Simulation and ModelingB
PSIErshov conferenceB
QsineInternational Conference on Quality of Service in Heterogeneous Wired/Wireless NetworksB
QualITInternational Conference on Qualitative Research in IT & IT in Qualitative ResearchB
REFSQInternational Workshop on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software QualityB
RIDEInternational Workshop on Research Issues in Data EngineeringB
RSARSA Conference (a security conference)B
RTCSAInternational Conference on Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems and ApplicationsB
SACACM Symposium on Applied ComputingB
SAFECOMPInternational Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and SecurityB
SAFEProcessIFAC Symposioum on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety of Technical ProcessesB
SAGASymposium on Stochastic Algorithms, Foundations, and ApplicationsB
SBBDBrazilian Symposium on DatabasesB
SCAIScandinavian Conference on Artifical IntelligenceB
SCRAASmart Card Research and Advanced Application ConferenceB
SCSCSummer Computer Simulation ConferenceB
SEALAsia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution & LearningB
SECIFIP International Information Security ConferenceB
SECONIEEE Conference on Sensor, Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and NetworksB
SecureCommIEEE/CreateNet International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication NetworksB
SECURITYUsenix Security SymposiumB
SEEPInternational Conference on Software Engineering: Education and PracticeB
SEFMInternational Conference on Software Engineering and Formal MethodsB
SEKEInternational Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge EngineeringB
SEQAPPInternational Conference on Sequences and their ApplicationsB
SIGCHI-NZInternational NZ Conference on Computer-Human InteractionB
SIROCCOColloquium on Structural Information and Communication ComplexityB
SMCIEEE Conference on Systems, Man and CyberneticsB
SOFTCOMMConferenceon Software in Tcomms and Comp NetworksB
SoMeTInternational Conference on Software Methods and ToolsB
SPECWorkshop on Security and Privacy in E-commerceB
SPICISSingapore International Conferenceon Intelligent SystemB
SPIREInternational Symposium on String Processing and Information RetrievalB
SSTAustralasian Speech Science & TechnologyB
STEPSoftware Technology and Engineering Practice ConferenceB
SWDCInternational Conference on Software DevelopmentB
TOOLSTechnology of object-oriented languages and systemsB
UKAISUK Academy of Information Systems conferenceB
UKSSUnited Kingdom Systems SocietyB
UMCUnconventional Models of ComputationB
UMLUnified Modelling LanguageB
VAPPVector and Parallel ProcessingB
VDBVisual Database SystemsB
VEEInternational Conference on Virtual Execution EnvironmentsB
VTCIEEE Vehicular Technology ConferenceB
WABIWorkshop on Algorithms in BioinformaticsB
WAEWorkshop on Algorithm EngineeringB
WAISInternational Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and StatisticsB
WCESWorld Congress on Expert SystemsB
WCNCIEEE Wireless Communications and Networking ConferenceB
WCNNWorld Congress on Neural NetworksB
WCREIEEE Working Conference on Reverse EngineeringB
WCSSWorld Congress on Systems SimulationB
WCWWeb Caching WorkshopB
WDAGWorkshop on Distributed Algorithms (DISC since 1998)B
WGWorkshop on Graph TheoryB
WIIEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web IntelligenceB
WiOptInternational. Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless NetworksB
WoLLICWorkshop on Logic, Language, Information and ComputationB
WORDSInternational Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable SystemsB
WSCWinter Simulation ConferenceB
AdComInternational Conference on Advanced Computing and CommunicationsC
AENIASTED International Conferenceon AI, Exp Sys & Neural NetworksC
AIIASTED International Conference on Applied InformaticsC
AIAArtificial Intelligence and Applications ConferenceC
AILInternational Conference on Artificial Intelligence and LawC
AISAdvances in Intelligent SystemsC
AIS SIGED:IAIMInternational Academy for Information Management) International Conference on Informatics Education & ResearchC
AISATInternational Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Science and TechnologyC
AMASTAlgebraic Methodology and Software TechnologyC
ANNESConference on Artificial Neural Networks and Expert systemsC
APCOMinApplication of Computers and Operations Research in the Minerals IndustriesC
APORSConference of the Association of Asian-Pacific Operational Research SocietiesC
APPIA/GULP/PRODEJoint Conference on Declarative Programming APPIA-GULP-PRODEC
AQSDTSymposium on Assessment of Quality S/W Dev ToolsC
ARTDBActive and Real-Time Database SystemsC
ARVLSIAdvanced Research in VLSIC
ASCIASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft ComputingC
ASMIASTED International Conference on Applied Simulation and ModellingC
BCIFIP International Conference on Broadband CommunicationsC
BECCBled Electronic Commerce ConferenceC
BIBEIEEE Bioinformatics and BioengineeringC
CAADRIAConference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in AsiaC
CAINEISCA International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and EngineeringC
CATAInternational Conference on Computers and their ApplicationsC
CATEIASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in EducationC
CCRTSInternational Command and Control Research and Technology SymposiumC
CCTAFIntelligent Multimedia, Computing and Communications Technologies and Applications of the FutureC
CDBConstraint Databases and ApplicationsC
CHPCInternational Conference on High Performance ComputingC
CIBCBIEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational BiologyC
CIEAEMConference of the Commission Internationale pour l'Etude et l'Amelioration de l'Enseignement des MathematiquesC
CIMCAInternational Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and AutomationC
CIRSYSInternational Symposium on Circuits and SystemsC
CISSTInternational Conference Image Science, Systems and TechnologyC
CODASInternational Symposium on Cooperative Database Systems for Advanced ApplicationsC
CollECTeRCollaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and ResearchC
COMPDESInternational Symposium on Computer DesignC
COMSWAREte-Net/ICST International Conference on COMmunication System softWAre and MiddlewaREC
CPDConstraint Programming DayC
CryPACCryptography Policy and Algorithms ConferenceC
CSEEConference on Software Engineering EducationC
CSICCInternational CSI Computer ConferenceC
CTACComputational Techniques and Applications ConferenceC
CxSInternational Conference on Complex SystemsC
DASDSymposium on Design, Analysis, and Simulation of Distributed SystemsC
DASWISData Semantics in Web Information SystemsC
DBPLDatabases and Programming LanguageC
DcwDistributed Communities on the Web WorkshopC
DMDWDesign and Management of Data WarehousesC
DMKDWorkshop on Research Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge DiscoveryC
DOLAPInternational Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAPC
DSAAInternational Conference on Database Systems for Advanced ApplicationsC
DSIAnnual Meeting of the Decision Sciences InstituteC
DSLSEDomain - Specific Languages for Software EngineeringC
DSTKMInternational Conference on Decision Support Through Knowledge ManagementC
DTVEWorkshop on Database Technology for Virtual EnterprisesC
DVATInformation Systems &Technologies /SPIE Conference on Digital Video Compression Algorithms & TechniquesC
EFIS/EFDBSEngineering Federated Information (Database) SystemsC
EFTF/IFCSJoint Meeting of the European Frequency and Time Forum and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers InC
EICAREuropean Institute for Computer Anti-Virus ResearchEICAR ConferenceC
EKMEuropean Conference on Knowledge ManagementC
EMBCThe Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology SocietyC
EMCISEuropean Mediterranean Info SystemsC
EPAnnual Conference on Evolutionary ProgrammingC
ESCAPESymposium On Combinatorics, Algorithms, Probabilistic and Experimental MethodologiesC
ETHICOMPInternational Conference on the Social and Ethical Impacts of Information and Communication TechnologiesC
EUFITEuropean Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft ComputingC
EuroBotEuropean Workshop on Advanced Mobile RobotsC
EWCGEuropean Workshop on Computational GeometryC
FATESA Satellite workshop on Formal Approaches to Testing of SoftwareC
FIRAFIRA Robot World CongressC
FMICSInt. Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical SystemsC
FMOODInternational Conference on Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed SystemsC
FMPFormal Methods PacificC
FMSEDSFormal Methods in Software Engineering and Defence Systems WorkshopC
FOOLInternational Workshop on Foundations of Object-Oriented LanguagesC
FQASFlexible Query-Answering SystemsC
FTJPWorkshop on Formal Techniques for Java ProgramsC
FUSIONInternational Conference on Information FusionC
GeoCompInternational Conference on GeoComputationC
GORConference on Operations ResearchC
HASKELLHaskell WorkshopC
HCIInternational Conference on Human-Computer InteractionC
HealthComInternational Workshop on Enterprise Networking and Computing in Health Care IndustryC
HICHealth Informatics ConferenceC
HLPPInternational workshop on High-level parallel programming and applicationsC
HPCInternational Conference and Exhibition on High Performance Computing in the Asia-Pacific RegionC
IADIS ACIADIS International Conference Applied ComputingC
IAIFInternational Workshop on Image Analysis and Information FusionC
IAIMAnnual Conference of the International Academy for Information ManagementC
IASIEEE Industry Applications Society Annual ConferenceC
IATACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent TechnologyC
IAWTICInternational Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technologies, and Internet CommerceC
IBIMAInternational Business Information ManagementC
ICInternational Conference on Internet ComputingC
ICAIFAC Conference on AutomationC
IC-AIInternational Conference on Artificial IntelligenceC
ICANNGAInternational Conference on Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic AlgorithmsC
ICAPRDTInternational Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition and Digital TechniquesC
ICCIMAInternational Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia ApplicationsC
ICCITInternational Conference on Computer and Information TechnologyC
ICCSAInternational Conference on Communication Systems and ApplicationsC
ICEBInternational Conference on e-BusinessC
ICECIEEE International Conference on Evolutionary ComputationC
ICECommInternational Conference on Electronic CommerceC
ICEEInternational Conference on Engineering EducationC
ICILInternational Conference on Intelligent SystemsC
ICITAInternational Conference on Information Technology and ApplicationsC
ICMSOInternational Conference on Modelling, Simulation and OptimisationC
ICOTAInternational Conference on Optimization: Techniques And ApplicationsC
ICSRICInternational Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and CyberneticsC
ICSSEAInternational Conference "Software and Systems Engineering and their Applications"C
ICTTInternational Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in TourismC
ICVSInternational Conference on Virtual StorytellingC
IDCIEEE Conference on Information, Decision and ControlC
IDEALInternational Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated LearningC
iEMSsIntenational Environmental Modelling and Software SocietyC
IFACInternational Federation of Automatic Control World CongressC
IGARSSIEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing SymposiumC
IICISAInternational ICSC Congress on Intelligent Systems and ApplicationsC
IICSInnovative Internet Computer SystemsC
IIWASInformation Integration and Web-based Applications and ServicesC
IMSAIASTED International Conference on Internet, Multimedia Systems and ApplicationsC
INAPInternational Conference on Applications of PrologC
IPMUInternational Conference on Information Processing and Management of UncertaintyC
IPSIEEE International Conference on Intelligent Processing SystemsC
IPythCInternational Python ConferenceC
IRITAInternational Information Technology in Regional Areas ConferenceC
ISAS-SCIWorld Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and InformaticsC
ISAVIIAInternational Symposium on Audio, Video, Image Processing and Intelligent ApplicationsC
ISCIASTED International Conference on Intelligent Systems and ControlC
ISDSSConference of the International Society for Decision Support SystemsC
ISECONInformation Systems Education ConferenceC
ISFSTInternational Symposium on Future Software TechnologyC
ISIMPInternational Symposium on Intelligent Multimedia, Video and Speech ProcessingC
ISITAIEEE International Symposium on Information Theory and Its ApplicationsC
ISORCIEEE International Symposium on Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed ComputingC
I-SPANInternational Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and NetworksC
ISSAInternational Symposium on Static AnalysisC
ISSDIInternational Symposium on Spatial Data InfrastructuresC
ISSDQInternational Symposium on Spatial Data QualityC
ISSSInternational Symposium on System SynthesisC
ISWInformation Security WorkshopC
ITHETInternational Conference on IT Based Higher Education and TrainingC
ITiRAInformation Technology in Regional Areas ConferenceC
ITISSymposium on Information Technology and Information SystemsC
ITWIEEE Information Theory Workshop on Detection, Estimation, Classification and ImagingC
IWCInternational Web conferenceC
IWCCIEEE International Workshop on Cluster Computing and the GridC
IWDOMInternational Workshop on Distributed Object ManagementC
IW-MMDBMSInt. Workshop on Multi-Media Data Base Management SystemsC
JCISJoint Conference on Information SciencesC
JECGIJoint European Conference and Exhibition on Geographical InformationC
JFPLCInternational French Speaking Conference on Logic and Constraint ProgrammingC
JHPCWorkshop On Java For High-Performance ComputingC
JURIXInternational Conference on Legal Knowledge-based SystemsC
KAWKnowledge Acquisition, Modeling and Management WorkshopC
KDDMBDKnowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Biological Databases MeetingC
KDEEWIEEE Knowledge and Data Engineering Exchange WorkshopC
KDEXKnowledge and Data Engineering Exchange WorkshopC
KRDBKnowledge Representation Meets DatabasesC
L&LWorkshop on Logic and LearningC
LARCNASA LaRC Formal Methods WorkshopC
LawTechIASTED International conference Law and TechnologyC
LCCSInternational Workshop on Logic and Complexity in Computer ScienceC
LILaw via the InternetC
LOCALGOSWorkshop on Localized Alg. and Protocols for WirelessC
LRECLanguage Resources and Evaluatin ConferenceC
MDDSMobility in Databases and Distributed SystemsC
MDSRIAInternational Workshop on Multimedia Data Storage, Retrieval, Integration and ApplicationsC
METRICS(several conferences of these name - can't rank)C
MEWSMining for Enhanced Web SearchC
MICIASTED International Conference on Modelling, Identification, and ControlC
MMEIEEE International Conference on Multimedia in EducationC
MobiDEWorkshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile AccessC
MODSIMInternational Congress on Modelling and SimulationC
MODSSMultiple Objective Decision Support System ConferenceC
MPOOLWorkshop on Multiparadigm Programming with OO LanguagesC
MSIASTED International Conference on Modelling and SimulationC
MSOIASTED International Conference on Modelling, Simulation and OptimizationC
MTNSInternational Symposium on the Mathematical Theory of Networks and SystemsC
MVSPIntelligent Multimedia, Video and Speech Processing SymposiumC
NAFIPSNorth American Fuzzy Information Processing Society ConferenceC
NAISONAISO Congress on Autonomous Intelligent SystemC
NCCISNational Conference on Computer and Information SystemsC
NDBNational Database Conference (China)C
NeMLaPJoint Conference on New Methods in Language Processing and Computational Natural Language LearningC
NFMThe Northern Formal Methods WorkshopsC
NHICNational Health Informatics ConferenceC
NLDBApplications of Natural Language to Data BasesC
NNSPIEEE International Workshop on Neural Networks for Signal ProcessingC
NPDPAnnual IASTED International Conference on Networks, Parallel and Distributed Processing and ApplicationsC
NPSCInternational Conference on Neural, Parallel and Scientific ComputationsC
NRDMWorkshop on Network-Related Data ManagementC
OASISOrganisations and Society in Information Systems WorkshopC
OODBSWorkshop on Object-Oriented Database SystemsC
OOISInternational Conference on Object Oriented Information SystemsC
ORPAConference on Operational Research Practice in AfricaC
OTAOptimization: Techniques And ApplicationsC
PAAMPractical Application of Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Technology ConferenceC
PADOSymposium on Programs as Data ObjectsC
PAP/PACTPractical Aspects of PROLOG/Constraint TechnologyC
PARCOParallel ComputingC
PAWECPacific-Asia Workshop on Electronic CommerceC
PCNSSPIE - Conference on Performance and Control of Network SystemsC
PCSInternational Picture Coding SymposiumC
PCWInternational Parallel Computing WorkshopC
PDCNIASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and NetworksC
PDCSIASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and SystemsC
PDISParallel and Distributed Information SystemsC
PDPInternational Parallel and Distributed Processing SymposiumC
PDPTAInternational Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and ApplicationsC
PHYSDESInternational Symposium on Physical DesignC
PMIPIEEE Pacific-Rim Conference on MultimediaC
PPCISPan Pacific Conference on Information SystemsC
PSBPacific Symposium on BiocomputingC
PSORInternational Conference on Probability, Statistics and Operational ResearchC
PTPCInternational Workshop on Practice and Theory in Public-Key CryptographyC
QuantComInternational Conference on Experimental Implementation of Quantum ComputationC
RFFInternational Conference on CAD/CAM, Robotics & Factories of the FutureC
RMIASTED International Conference on Robotics and ManufacturingC
ROVPIAInternational Conference on RoboticsC
RSAnnual Convention for Survey, Mapping and Remote SensingC
RTDBWorkshop on Real-Time DatabasesC
SARCInternational Symposium on Automation and Robotics in ConstructionC
SCWIEEE Workshop on Speech CodingC
SEIASTED International Conference on Software EngineeringC
SEAIASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and ApplicationsC
SECRYPTInternational Conference on Information Security and CryptologyC
SEETSoftware Engineering Education and Training ConferenceC
SELCRYPAnnual Workshop on Selected Areas in CryptographyC
Sensor NetworksSensor NetworksC
SFPScottish Functional Programming WorkshopC
SimTecTSimulation Technology and Training ConferenceC
SInTIEEE International Symposium on Information TheoryC
SIPIASTED International Conference on Signal and Image ProcessingC
SIRCSpatial Information Research Centre ColloquiumC
SISTSpatial Information Science and Technology ConferenceC
SITESociety for Information Technology and Teacher Education ConferenceC
SPDSACM Symposium on Principles of Database SystemsC
SQCSoftware Quality ConferenceC
SQMInternational Conference on Software Quality ManagementC
SREISSymposium on Requirements Engineering for Information SecurityC
SRIG-ETSoftware Education ConferenceC
SSCIFAC Conference on System Structure and ControlC
SSGRRInternational Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for Electronic Business, Science, and Education on the InternetC
SSSSymposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed SystemsC
STMInternational Conference on Systems Thinking in ManagementC
SYSSYNInternational Symposium on System SynthesisC
TAKMATheory and Applications of Knowledge MAnagementC
TEInternational Conference on Technology EducationC
TENCONIEEE Region Ten ConferenceC
TIDSETechnology for Interactive Digital StorytellingC
VDbSIFIP Working Conference on Visual Database SystemsC
VDEASPIE Conference on Visual Data Exploration and AnalysisC
VIIPIASTED International Conference on Visualization, Imaging, and Image ProcessingC
VIPPan-Sydney Area Workshop on Visual Information ProcessingC
VISUALInternational Conference on Visual Information SystemsC
VLFMVisual Languages and Formal MethodsC