Research Areas

Machine learning in Space Weather Forecasting

PI: Dr. Saurabh Das Space weather refers to the branch of space physics, deals with the time varying conditions of the space surrounding the Earth. It essentially includes conditions in the magnetosph Read More >>

Space Based Navigation and GNSS remote sensing

PI: Dr. Saurabh Das Precise positioning and navigation is one of the critical components of modern day’s economic and societal well-being. The use of satellite based navigation revolutionizes many a Read More >>

Radio remote sensing of the atmosphere and precipitation microphysics

PI: Dr. Saurabh Das Experimental study of atmospheric remote sensing, particularly on the rain and related atmospheric parameters are the key area of this research group. At IIT Indore, continuous mea Read More >>

Climate-informatics : Machine learning in atmospheric and climate science

PI: Dr. Saurabh Das The major focus of this research group is to use and develop sophisticated statistical and Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence for understanding of the climate as well as dev Read More >>

Navigation, Spacecraft and Payload Control

PI: Hari Hablani Satellite-Based Navigation of Flight Vehicles ISRO has invested significant resources in establishing and providing navigation signals to users from national satellites system NavIC ( Read More >>

Neutron stars, Black Holes, and Magnetars

Neutron stars, Black Holes, and Magnetars PI: Manoneeta Chakraborty The research in this group encompasses a variety of high energy astrophysics topics with particular emphasis on compact object physi Read More >>

Computational Astrophysics

Computational Astrophysics PI: Bhargav Vaidya Computational astrophysics opens new windows in the way we perceive and study the heavens. This rapidly growing new discipline in astronomy combines moder Read More >>

Space Weather and Ionospheric Studies

Space Weather and Ionospheric Studies PI: Abhirup Datta This group is involved in studying effect of ionosphere in low frequency radio astronomy. The group has recently acquired a GNSS receiver to stu Read More >>

Radio Astronomy Instrumentation

Radio Astronomy Instrumentation PI: Siddharth Malu and Abhirup Datta Having set up a Radio Frequency (RF) laboratory, the Centre has received funds from DST-SERB to make a 4-element radio interferomet Read More >>

Galaxy Clusters: Mergers and Interaction with CMB

Galaxy Clusters: Mergers and Interaction with CMB PI: Siddharth Malu and Abhirup Datta The group led by Dr. Datta and Dr. Malu studies mergers or collisions between clusters of galaxies, which leads t Read More >>