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Name :

Dr Abhirup Datta

Designation : Associate Professor, HOD
Research Interests :
  • Observational Cosmology - 21cm Cosmology
  • Radio Astronomy - Aperture Synthesis
  • Galaxy Clusters - Large Scale structures
  • X-ray Astronomy - Shocks in Galaxy Clusters
  • Atmospheric Corruptions to Astronomical Observations
  • Synergy between Study of Ionosphere and Radio Astronomical Observations
Contact No. : 3584
Email : abhirup.datta
Name :

Dr Siddharth Malu

Designation : Associate Professor
Research Interests : CMB high precision observations
Designing Radio Telescope for detecting diffuse emission
Mapping of SZE at higher angular resolution
Contact No. : 3299
Email : siddharth
Name :

Dr Bhargav Vaidya

Designation : Assistant Professor
Research Interests : Computational Astrophysics
Magneto-hydro-dynamics and Radiative Transfer
Particle Acceleration and Non-thermal emission in AGN jets
Theoretical Star Formation: Accretion Disk and Jet Physics
Interstellar Medium: Shock-Induced Chemistry
Astrophysical Code Development
Contact No. : 3254
Email : bvaidya
Name :

Dr Suman Majumdar

Designation : Assistant Professor
Research Interests : Epoch of reionization
21-cm cosmology
Simulations of reionization
Cosmological N-body simulations
Statistical tools for cosmology
Large scale structures
Contact No. : 3304
Email : suman.majumdar
Name :

Dr Saurabh Das

Designation : Assistant Professor
Research Interests : Satellite communication and navigation
Radiowave propagation through atmosphere and ionosphere
Radar meteorology
GNSS and Microwave remote sensing
Machine learning applications to atmospheric science
Contact No. : 3306
Email : saurabh.das
Name :

Dr Manoneeta Chakraborty

Designation : Assistant Professor
Research Interests : Neutron star
Black holes
X-ray binaries
Accretion physics
Burst physics
Contact No. : 3358
Email : manoneeta
Name :

Dr Amit Shukla

Designation : Assistant Professor
Research Interests : Active galactic nuclei
Radio galaxies
Seyfert Galaxies
Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs)
X-ray binaries
Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)
Jet launching mechanisms
High Energy Astrophysics
Gamma-ray Astronomy
Time-domain astronomy
Multi-wavelength & multi-messenger astrophysics
Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope and Detectors
Kilonova (electromagnetic counterpart to a gravitational-wave)
Particle acceleration in astrophysical sources
Contact No. : 3213
Email : amit.shukla
Name :

Dr Rajkumar Hajra

Designation : Ramanujan faculty
Research Interests : Cometary plasma and solar wind interaction
Earth’s outer radiation belt relativistic electrons
Geomagnetic storms and substorms
Solar wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling
Space weather
Ionospheric modeling
Ionospheric F-region irregularities
Contact No. :
Email : rhajra
Name :

Dr Anjali Rao

Designation : DST INSPIRE Faculty
Research Interests : X-ray binaries
Black holes in binary systems
Accretion physics
Astrometry of stellar populations
Stellar kinematics
Contact No. : 3214
Email : anjalirao
Name :

Prof. Hari Hablani

Designation : Visiting Professor
Research Interests : Spaceflight vehicles guidance, navigation and control
Satellites-based navigation of flight vehicles
Spacecraft attitude and orbit estimation and control
Multi-body flexible spacecraft attitude dynamics and control
Satellites payloads motion and control
Image motion compensation, navigation and registration
Remote sensing of land, ocean, atmosphere and space
Contact No. : 9978992576
Email : hbhablani