1. Scholarship during   Bachelor of Technology course(1964-1969) and Assistantship during Master of Technology course (1969-1971) at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  2. Merit selection by UPSC  for Central Govt.  Class I Job through All India Combined Engineering Services Examination (1970)
  3. Colombo Plan Scholarship for 10 months specialist course in Irrigation and Drainage in Japan (1979)
  4. Certificate of Merit by the Institution of Engineers India for research paper (1985)
  5. UNESCO   Fellowship for specialist course on “Computer Applications in Hydrological Studies" India (1985)
  6. UNEP Fellowship for training seminar   on Environmental Impact Assessment at University of Aberdeen Scotland, U.K., 1986
  7. Expert Consultant - Yemen Arab Republic for Land and Water Resources Study of Central Highlands - a World Bank aided project (1988).
  8. Invitation   and   sponsorship   by   national and international    organizations    for    participation    in seminars /conferences in Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia Afghanistan, Scotland.
  9. UN-Food and Agriculture Organization: - Intl Hydrologist & Water Resource Management Specialist) in Kabul, Afghanistan from (a)15 June,2011 to 30 December,2011, (b) 14 January to 13 July,2012 and (c) 16August to 31 December,2012


  1. Vice Chairman of Roorkee Regional Centre of Indian Assoc. of Hydrologists (1990-92).
  2. Sectional Committee Member of the Bureau of Indian Standards on Reservoirs (1992-1911)
  3. Working Group Member of the Indian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage  (INCID) on Environmental Impacts  (1992-93)
  4. Convener Working Group of the Indian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage  (INCID) on History of Irrigation (1992-93)
  5. Chief Editor of Journal of Indian Water Resources Society (1997-99)
  6. Executive Committee Member,  Indian Association of Hydrologists, India (2000-2002)
  7. Executive vice President, Indian Water Resources Society, India (April, 2003-March 2005)
  8. Head, Water Resources Development  and Management Department( 1.1.2003-31-.10.2004)
  9. Member Water Resources Division Council of Bureau of Indian Standards( 1.1.2003-31-.10.2004)
  10. Member Science and Tech. Advising Committee of Min. of Water Resources( 1.1.2003-31-.10.2004)


  1. Life Member, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
  2. Fellow, Institution of Engineers, India
  3. Fellow, Indian Water resources Society, India
  4. Fellow, Indian Association of Hydrologists, India
  5. Life Member, Indian Association of Soil and Water Conservationists, India
  6. Life Member, Indian Society for Continuing Education, India


  1. UNEP Nairobi for organizing International Seminar on EIA (1985)
  2. Ford Foundation(USA) for strengthening capacity development programme in irrigation water management  at Water Resource Development Training Centre
  3. Hanoi Water Resources University (Vietnam): Implementation of terms of memorandum of Understanding between IIT Roorkee and Hanoi Water Resource University (2003)
  4. Technical Cooperation visit to Indonesia (July 2004) sponsored by Government of India