1. Geomorphological and Geohydrological Study in Upper Narmada Basin
Name of Scholar: Dr. Sanjay Tignath
Co-supervisor: Dr. A. K. Awasthi


1. Simulation Study of Automatic Canal Regulation (1994)
Name of Scholar: Ashraf Saad Zaghlool Abdel Samih
Co-supervisor: Dr. G.N.Yoganarasimhan

2. Conjunctive Use Management of Surface and Groundwater (1996)
Name of Scholar: Alzakzook Khalil F.Mousa
Co-supervisor(s): Dr.G.N.Yoganarasimhan, Dr.P.K.Bhatia

3. Simulation of Solute Transport in Unsteady Stream flows (2002)
Name of Scholar: Seepana Bala Prasad,
Co-supervisor: Dr.M.Perumal

4. Daily Rainfall Runoff Modeling using Artificial Neural Network (2003)
Name of Scholar: M.P.Rajurkar
Co-supervisor: Dr.U.C.Kothyari

5. Spatially Distributed Simulation of an Irrigation System (2004)
Name of Scholar: Manmohan Kumar Goel
Co-supervisor(s): Dr.S.K.Jain

6. Spatial Decision Support System for Water Resources Planning on Watershed Basis (2006)
Name of Scholar: Kishore Anil Dhore
Co-supervisor(s): Dr. Deepak Khare

7. Modelling of Rainfall Generated Runoff and Sediment Yield (2008)
Name of Scholar: Pushpendra Kumar Singh
Co-supervisor: Dr.S.K. Mishra

8. GIS based Study of Geomorphology, Landuse and Water Resource in Small Watersheds (2008)
Name of Scholar: D.D. Suresh
Co-supervisor: Dr.S.K.Tripathy

9. Environmental Flow Assessment for a Hydropower Project on a Himalayan river (2009)
Name of Scholar: Pradeep Kumar
Co-supervisor: Dr. S.K. Mishra

10. Water balance study of a Storage Tank in Drought Prone Area (2009)
Name of Scholar: Dillip Kumar Barik
Co-supervisor: Dr. G.C. Mishra

11. Long Term Prediction of Hydro meterological variables in Betwa basin
Name of Scholar: Shakti Suryavanshi
Co-supervisor: Dr. Ashish Pandey

12. Waste Water Treatment Using Macrophytes (Completed)
Name of Scholar: Satyanarayan
Co-supervisor: Dr. S.K. Mishra and Dr. C.P. Ojha

13. Rainfall Runoff Sediment Yield Modelling of Mountainous Catchments (Completed)
Name of Scholar: Soban Singh Rawat
Co-supervisor: Dr. S.K. Mishra and Dr. M.K. Jain

14. Hydrological Modelling of an Agricultural watershed Using Remote Sensing and GIS (Continuing)
Name of Scholar: Gulshan Tirkey
Co-supervisor: Dr. Ashish Pandey

15 Long Term Changes in Irrigation Water Demand(Completed)
Name of Scholar: Shiulee Chakraborty
Co-supervisor: Dr. R. P. Pandey Pandey( NIH)


1. Techno-Economic Feasibility Study of an Irrigation Project - a Case Study of Tanzania (1984).
Student: A.C.Kazinja

2. An Appraisal of Water Resources Development in Madiun - Upper Solo Basin (Indonesia) (1984).
Student: Djurnalis Andy

3. Income Differential among Different Size of Farms and Agricultural Labour in Salawa Command (1984).
Student: Krishna Kumar Gupta
Co-supervisor: C.S.Raghuvanshi

4. Effect of Data Errors and Length of Data on Design Flood Estimates.
Student: Hamere Wondimu

5. Hydrologic Data Analysis - A Case Study (1985).
Student:B.Lumban Toruan(Indonesia)

6. Mathematical Models for Generating Daily and Hourly Rainfall Sequence (1985).
Student: Helmi Ibrahim(Indonesia)

7. Analysis of River Flows and Hydropower Potential in Sapta Gandaki Basin (Nepal) (1984).
Student: G.N. Mishra

8. Pricing of Energy: An Analytical Study of Jaldhaka Hydro-Electric Project (1987).
Student: B.B. Pradhan

9. System Study of Krishna Irrigation Project (Maharashtra) (1987).
Student: M.S. Inamdar

10. Water Utilization Model Study of Rajghat Multipurpose Project and Betwa Basin (1987).
Student: H.K. Garg

11. Economic Analysis of Dams- A Pre Investment Feasibility Study (1989). Student: Tran Phuong Diem(Vietnam)

12. Food and Fuel Model for Sustained Development of Hilly Region (1989).
Student: U.N. Parajuli(Nepal)

13. Analysis of Drought Characteristics - A Case Study (1989).
Student: R.P.Saxena

14. Computer Aided Diagnostic Analysis of an Irrigation System (1989).Student: Ajai Kumar Garg

15. Herbst Model for Study of Drought Characteristics (1990).
Student: Md.Anwar Ahmed

16. Identification and Analysis of Agricultural Droughts - A Case Study (1990).
Student: M.Viswanath

17. Development of Interactive Computer Package for Simulation of Rainfed and Irrigated Agriculture (1990). Student: Jorge L.R.Viera

18. Dynamic Programming Approach to Reservoir and Canal Operation (1990).
Student: Florentino Rodriguez David(Philippines)

19. Effect of Variation in Friction Parameter in Open Channel Unsteady Flow (1990).
Student: Upendra Behera

20. Development Appraisal of Tawa Irrigation Project (1990).
Student: Rakesh Chandra Pal

21. Evaluation of Chambal Command Area Development in Rajasthan (1990).
Student: Vinod Kumar Shah

22. Performance Evaluation of Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojna (1990).
Student: R.M. Mathur

23. Optimal Development of Cascade Falls on an Irrigation Canal for Power Generation (1990).
Student: Pravakar Pattnaik

24. Conjunctive Use Management Model - A Case Study (1993)
Student: K. Ilampooranan(Sri Lanka)

25. Replacement of Conventional Energy by non-Conventional Energy for On-Farm Use (1993).
Student: Durba Bhattacharya

26. Flood Estimation with Inadequate Data (1993).
Student: R.P.Samayar

27. Computer Simulation Model for Daily Operation of Two Reservoirs in Series (1993)
Student: S.C.Awasthi

28. Implementation of Conjunctive Use Management Plan - A Case Study (1993)
Student: Shuja Ullah Khan

29. Performance Budgeting of Irrigation System (1993)
Student: Augustrese S.Torres (Indonesia)

30. Application of Geographic Information System in Storm Runoff Modelling of a Hilly Watershed -
A Case Study (1993)
Student: Nani Gopal Pandey

31. Issues in the Turnover of State Tubewells to Farmers (1993)
Student: Suli Yanti (Indonesia)

32. Hydrological Planning and Design of Small Storage Irrigation Schemes in Semi-Arid Areas (1993).
Student: Jamboree E.Andanye(Yemen)

33. Application of Geographic Information System in Command Area Studies (1993)
Student: Marrama G.Kumsa

34. Application of Geographic Information System in Watershed Management (1993)
Student: Mullugeta T.Geleta

35. Improvement in Design and Implementation if Rotational Water Delivery on Lakhnauta Minor (1994).
Student: Sukarna(Indonesia)

36. Seepage Control Measures for Mahakanadarawa Dam (Sri Lanka) (1995)
Student: EAC Ekenayake (Sri Lanka)

37. Development of Expert System for Ground Water Management in Lakhaoti Canal Command (1995).
Student: Sudhir Man Baisyat (Nepal)

38. Regional Graphic Procedure for Irrigation Project Planning - A Case Study (Indonesia) (1995).
Student: Ahmed Rizal (Indonesia)

39. Irrigation Management of Gadarjudda Minor Through an Expert System (1995)
Student: Mahesh Bahadur Pradhan (Nepal)

40. Application of GIS in Irrigation Water Management (1995)
Student: Zothansanga

41. Generation Expansion Planning Considering Uncertainties (1996)
Student: Nanang Irwanto(Indonesia)

42. Storage Function Model for Flood Simulation - A Case Study (1996)
Student: Nugroho Widiasmadi(Indonesia)

43. Groundwater Quality - A Case Study (1996)
Student: Nurazwar N. (Indonesia)

44. Evaluations and Analysis of Stability of Canal Banks in Weak Soil - A Case Study (1996). Student: M.L. Kori

45. Spectral Reflectance Study of Rice and Sorghum Crops in Area Around Roorkee (1996)
Student: M.G.S. Gunasekara (Sri Lanka)

46. Application of Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing in Study of a Canal Area (1996).
Student: Manik Lal K.Shrestha (Nepal)

47. GIS Based Water Balance Study of Agricultural Land (1997)
Student: R.S. Tiwari

48. Watershed Management _ A Case Study of Bah Bolon Watershed, Indonesia (1997)
Student: Madison Silitonga(Indonesia)

49. Environmental Impact Assessment of a Flood Control Project in Cisadane Basin in Indonesia (1997).
Student: Akhyar(Indonesia)

50. Planning of Jambu Aye Multipurpose Reservoir Project in Indonesia (1997)
Student: Abustian(Indonesia)

51. Application Study of Storage Function Model & Kalman filtering for Flood Simulation (1997).
Student: Eddy Harsono (Indonesia)

52. Operational Practices in Upper Ganga Canal System - Constraints, Problems (1997)
Student: Jitendra Prasad Singh

53. Basinwise Water Balance Study - A Case Study (1997)
Student : K.K. Bansal

54. Evaluation of Converting Stage to Discharge Using Normal Rating Curve for Flood Routing Studies (1999).
Student K K.B.Shrestha (Nepal)

55. A Multiple Input-Single Output Model for Flow Forecasting of Wardha River (2000)
Student: P.C.M. Rao

56. Dam Break Flow Analysis of Hirakud Dam (2000)
Student: A.K. Mohapatra

57. Flood Routing in a Typical Reach of Narmada River (2000)
Student: Biswajit Saha

58. Study of Stage-Discharge Relationship using Artificial Neural Network (2000)
Student: T.R. Pattnaik

59. Rainfall-Runoff Modeling using Artificial Neural Networks (2000)
Student: K.S. Naidu

60. Study of Stage- Discharge Relationship Using Artificial Neural Network (2000)
Student: T. R. Patnaik

61. Dam Break Flow Analysis of Hirakud Dam (2000)
Student: A. K. Mohapatra

62. System study of Sunkosi- Kamala Interbrain Water Transfer Scheme (Nepal-2001).
Student: Mahajan Yadav (Nepal).

63. Water Balance Study with Inadequate Hydrologic Data – A Case Study of Danga Valley in Nepal (2001).
Student: K. P. Suvedi.

64. System Study of Proposed Godavari- Cauvery Water Transfer Link System (2001)
Student: N. S. R. K. Reddy

65. Analysis of Cropping Pattern and Water Utilization in Chambal Command (2002)
Student: Jaya Sampurna (Indonesia)

66. Development of Model for Evapotranpiration (2002).
Student: Suyanto. (Indonesia)

67. Reliability of Conventional Flood Forecasting (2002).
Student: Agus Rudyanto(Indonesia)

68. Identification Linearity and Non Linearity of Drainage Basins (2002)
Student: I. Ketut Suarbawa(Indonesia)

69. Improvement in Long Term Simulation Study for Reservoir Planning (2002)
Student: Agung Budi Waskito(Indonesia)

70. Analysis of Dependability Criteria in Reservior Planning – A Case Study (2002)
Student: Edy Juharsyah(Indonesia)

71. Flood Hydrology of Some Catchments in Western Himalayan Region (2004)
Student: N. M. Krsinamani

72. Improvements in Hydrologic Planning of an Irrigation Project – A case Study (2004)
Student: Fadlun Nisa(Indonesia)

73. Assessment of Damage and Environmental Impacts of Flood – A Case Study (2004)
Student: Agung Prihan Tono(Indonesia)

74. Daily Rainfall runoff Modeling for Dong Nai River Basin in Vietnam (2004)
Student: Le Thanh Binh

75. Study of Water Demand in a River Basin – A Case Study (2004)
Student: Margaretha Emma(Indonesia)

76. Study on Performance Evalution of Right Main Distributary in Upper Ganga Canal System (2004)
Student: Rakesh Prasad.

77. Synthetic Unit Hydrograph, its Application and Limitations (2005)
Student: Agus Suhandoko(Indonesia)

78. Urban Flood Drainage Planning (2006)
Student: Endra Kartika(Indonesia)

79. Financial and Economic Evaluation of Tank Irrigation Projects (2007)
Student: K. D. Nihal Siriwardana (Sri Lanka)

80. O & M Aspects of Small Tank Irrigation Projects – Some Case Studies (2007)
Student: Naiuk Nissanka (Sri Lanka)

81. Carbon Trading through Clean Development Mechanism for Small Scale Projects (2007)
Student: Pradip Kumar Sah (Nepal)

82. Estimation of Water Availability and Utilization in Small Watershed of Kshipra Basin (2009)
Student: Mahesh Prasad Tharu (Nepal)

83. Performance Evaluation of Selected Tank Irrigation Projects is Kshipra Basin (2009)
Student: Dinesh Regmi (Nepal)
Co- Supervisor: Dr. R. P. Pandey (NIH)

84. Analysis of River Flow in context of Maintenance of Water Quality (2009)
Student: Yanuar Munlait(Indonesia)

85. Quantification of Environmental Impacts (2009).
Student: Thova Magnolia Srihadi(Indonesia)

86. Reservoir Sedimentation – A case study of Wonogiri Reservoir (Indonesia) (2010)
Student: Danny Riyadi Tama(Indonesia)

87. Hydrologic Considerations in Safety of Dams (2010)
Student: Handri Alun Bawmo(Indonesia)

88. Simulation Study of Upper Betwa Basin (2010)
Student: Lukman Nurzaman(Indonesia)

89 Application of Solar Energy in Irrigation sector (2011)
Student: D.M. Ravindra Dhanapala (Sri Lanka)

90 Flood Estimation in Small Catchments (2011)
Student: Hamka Lubis(Indonesia)

91 Solar Energy Application in Rural Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment (2011)
Student: Assefa Kebede Abebe (Ethiopia)