The Science & Technology Student Community at IIT Indore (IITI) is a group of highly motivated individuals working towards the goal of scientific progress and technological advancements in various fields. The technical activities conducted at IITI act as a platform for these bright minds to test, showcase, build, share and compete on their talents and skill-sets. Broadly, all these activities take place under the banner of three major clubs:
1) Programming Club
2) Robotics Club
3) Electronics Club.

The aim of these clubs is to connect the like-minded students and provide a space for healthy discussions in surrounding topics. All students of IITI can participate in any of these club activities and raise the bar while developing on their own technical skills. The need for such a platform arises to support and sustain the passion of students for out-of-the-curriculum science and technology topics. The Science & Technology Team is open to all ideas/suggestions from the IITI community and encourages to put forward their expectations from this area to pursue their own interests, keeping the IIT standards and available resources in mind.