Zubaan-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Grant for Young Researchers-Watitula Longkumer



The Zubaan-Sasakawa Peace Foundation grant is an opportunity given to young indigenous researchers from the Northeast India. The grant for the year 2018 is set against the broad framework of women’s multiple histories and focuses on the issue of gender in the Northeast. I am thrilled to be a recipient of the 2018 grant. The project that I am working on is titled “Gender Roles Perspective of Naga Women: A Literary Narrative Analysis”. My goal is to develop a research paper that will examine the gender dynamics that exist in the Naga society. The importance and relevance of this project is the lack of scholarship that critically engages with the dynamism of the tribal customary laws and how it alters and affects the role of women in the Naga society.

To flag off the project, Zubaan-Sasakawa organized a one-week research methodology workshop at Guwahati. This workshop was a truly enriching time of learning with a group of brilliant mentors led by Urvashi Butalia who helped us to navigate through our individual proposals. With the interactive evaluation on the proposed work, I personally found each session very informative. Upon completion, Zubaan will be publishing the finished paper.

Watitula Longkumer is awarded Zubaan-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Grant for Young Researchers for her proposal “Gender Roles Perspective of Naga Women: A Literary Narrative Analysis. https://zubaanbooks.com/wp-content/uploads/Zubaan-Sasakawa-Peace-Foundation-Research-Grant_April-2018.pdf

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