Welcome to my academic homepage.

I work on AdS/CFT and its applications in string theory, field theory and quantum information theory. I also work on gravitational and black hole physics.

Here's my brief CV. Also, find my publications from Inspire-HEP and ArXiv.

Open positions

A new advertisement for PhD admissions is now here. Interested and eligible candidates are encouraged to contact me directly with their CV.

Same goes for postdocs wishing to apply for National Postdoctoral Fellowship (NPdF) and other possible fellowships from CSIR etc.

For online internship possibilities, officially at IITI, the students can check here. For more details, please contact me directly.

Upcoming events

Past events

1. In person workshop on `Observable algebras in field theory and gravity' at IIT Mandi. 16th February to 17th February 2024.

2. 2023 edition of biennial Indian Strings Meeting (ISM). Host institute IIT Bombay. 10th December to 16th December, 2023.

3. Second edition of JulyPhy meeting on the topic `Observable algebras in field theory and gravity' (online). 20th July to 23rd July 2023. Details can be found here.

4. Our strings and gravity group was the local organizer for the 2022 edition of ST4 student's workshop (4th to 15th July). More information can be found here.

5. Our strings and gravity group took part in organizing the first edition of JulyPhy workshop, to be held at IIT Mandi (3rd to 8th July, 2022). More information can be found here.