B.Tech. Project Students (All Former)

Mr. Seemandhar JainEfficient Clustering of Genomes using Probabilistic Samplings
Mr. Sparsh Gupta & Mr. Neeraj VermaThyroid Nodule Classification Using Texture Exploiting Descriptors
Ms. Jhalak GuptaDeep Learning Based Graph Classification using Minimum DFS Code
Mr. Yasasvi V. PeruvembaExploring Machine Learning for Logic Synthesis
Mr. Divyansh ChoudharyDesigning Deep Reinforced Learning Architecture on FPGAs

Mr. M. Anish Sri Chandra & Mr. Kovidh VengalaSampling and Clustering of Whole Genome Sequences
Mr. Gudesa Venkata Sai AkhilMachine Learning Approach to Short Answer Grading
Mr. Amey Kiran PatelPunctuation Insertion using Automatic Speech Recognition
Mr. Ashutosh Bang & Mr. Kumar AbhinavImproving the Efficiency of Large Scale Optimal Control Problems
Ms. Dhaarna MaheshwariParallel FPGA routing using Lagrange Heuristics
Mr. Vamsi BulusuEstimation of Electricity Production from Photovoltaic Panel

Mr. Aditya JainDistributed Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning on Air Traffic Flow Management
Mr. Aniket TiwariThermal Management Methodology for Heterogeneous System
Ms. Apoorva JoshiPreconditioner Updates In AIRGA Algorithm
Mr. Mohit Mohata, Mr. Ankit Gaur, & Mr. Suryaveer SinghSampling & Clustering of Phenotypic - Genotypic Soybean Dataset
Mr. Dhruv Chadha & Mr. Shashwat RaghuvanshiPlatform To Explore Algorithms In Reinforcement Learning

Mr. Harshit Jain & Mr. Guduru Sai Teja Data Backup Network Formation with Heterogeneous Agents
Mr. Vishal Nemade Scalable Kernel Graph PCA Clustering Algorithm for Handling Big Data using Apache Spark
Mr. Ramesh Balaji & Mr. K. Sudharsan Localized Multiple Kernel Learing for Anomaly Detection

Ms. Parinita Dudhagundi, Mr. Avnish Bhagwate, & Mr. Amey Ambade Object Detection in Real-Time Systems using Convolutional Neural Networks with Deep Learning
Mr. Dhruva Ahuja & Mr. Pravin KumarEfficient Algebra for Extreme Learning Machines
Mr. Aditya Shah, Mr. Aishwary Gagrani, and Mr. Anant Lal Spectral Clustering based on Growing Vector Quantization for Plant Genome Sequence

Ms. Juniper GujralConvex Optimization for Big Data
Ms. Sreemathi B. & Ms. Rohini Naik Randomized Algorithms for Information Retrieval
Mr. Nitish Bharti & Mr. Amey NagapurkarSentiment Analysis
Mr. Vishwas Jain Randomized Algorithms for Big Data

Ms. Hina AroraNewton Homotopy for Complementarity Problems
Mr. Abhinav Jain & Mr. Sarthak Jagetiya Blocking Adult Content using Quantum Neural Networks
Mr. Mohit Goyal Message Categorization through Data Mining
Mr. Gaurav AgrawalRandomized Numerical Linear Algebra