My Name is Shatendra Singh, and I am a Computer Science Enthusiast

I belong from jabalpur,Madhya pradesh,India.I like to work on challenging problems of real world.I love to be close to the nature and enjoy playing sports.I like computer programming and in general working with the algorithms.I enjoy listening music and singing songs.

  • Design
  • Mobile
  • Film
  • Photo

Educational Qualificaitons

  • 2008-2009:
    I completed my secondary school (10th Standard) from Kendriya Vidyalaya Jabalpur 1.S.T.C with 88.8%.
  • 2010-2011:
    I completed my higher secondary school (12th Standard) from Kendriya Vidyalaya Jabalpur 1.S.T.C with 86.6%.
  • 2012-2016:
    I completed my undergraduation(B.E) in Computer Science Engineering from Jabalpur Engineering College with 72.2%.
  • 2019-2021:
    Currently I am pursuing MS(Research) in Computer Science Engineering at Indian Institute Of Technology,Indore.


  1. I have worked with Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) as System Engineer for 3+ years.
  2. I have completed training in Computer Networks from Matrix Technologies.
  3. I have completed certification in JAVA from Hewlett Packard.

Research Interest

  • Machine Learning
  • Multimodal Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithms


  1. Programming/Markup Languages :

    1. C,C++
    2. Java
    3. Python
    4. HTML
    5. CSS
  2. Technical Areas:

    1. Data Structures & Algorithms
    2. Computer Networks
    3. Discrete Mathematics
    4. Database Management Systems
    5. Operating Systems
  3. Projects:

    1. Computer Science Department Web Portal
    2. AI Chatbot
    3. Next Word Predictor


  • +91-8962525784

  • singh.shatendra@gmail.com

  • ms1904101007@iiti.ac.in