Invited Talks

  1. 'Interplay of Multiplexing and Noise: Emergence of Various Patterns" in mini-sympoisum on "Noise in biological systems" during Europe Dynamics Days 29016, held at Corfu 6-8 June 2016.

  2. Invited speaker at mini-symposium on ”Network Science Research in Asia” organized during NetSci 2016, Seoul, South Koria, May 30 - June 03, 2016.

  3. Invited speaker at mini-symposium on ”Multilevel analysis of human disease” organized at NetSci 2016, Seoul, May 30 - June 03, 2016.

  4. Invited talk on "Universality in biological networks" at University College London, London in the group of Prof. Alexey Zaikin during a visit, 30-31 March 2016.

  5. 'World of Networks Spectra' at workshop on “Complex networks and emerging applications” organized by ICMS, Edinburgh during March 28 - April 01, 2016. 

  6. 'Network Science of Cancers: A New Approach' at National Symposium : ACM Women in Research 2016, 21st March 2016 ” organized by ACM-W chapter of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology Indore in association with Computer Society of India.

  7. 'Cluster synchronization in multiplex networks' at CDSA 2016, held at NIT Durgapur during 15-17 February 2016.

  8. 'Universal and non-universal behavior of biological networks' at workshop on “mathematical and computational biology” held at IISER Kolkata during 9-10 January 2016.

  9. 'Randomness and Preserved Patterns in Cancer' at 2015 NNMCB National Meeting, December 27-30, 2015

  10. 'Understanding Molecule-Molecule Associations in Cell Orchestra: A network theory approach' at IIT-Finnish joint Symposium” organized at University of Turku, Turku during October 26 – 28, 2015.

  11. 'Spectral properties of complex networks' at University of Aberdeen, UK on July 10, 2015.

  12. 'Evolution of various sturctural patterns' at CNSD 2015 during 13-15 March held at IISER Mohali.

  13. Invited talk at Potsdam Institute for Climate Research on June 19, 2014, Potsdam.

  14. Invited Speaker at CDSA-2104, Kolkata during 10-12 March 2014.

  15. Physics Colloquim speaker at BARC on January 30, 2014.

  16. Invited speaker for Institute Seminar at S.N.Bose Center for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, 15 November 2013.

  17. Invited speaker in National Seminar on ’Advances in bio-informatics and drug designing techniques in drug discovery’ at SAIP Indore on Oct 15 2013.

  18. Invited speaker at ’Workshop on Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics’ held at DAVV during 29 - 31 August, 2013.

  19. Invited speaker for CMBS 2013 at BHU during 11-14 January, 2013.

  20. Invited speaker for Dynamics days asia pacific (DDAP) at Taiwan during 6-9 August, 2012.

  21. Invited speaker for the conference Spectra of complex networks at Trento during 23-27 July 2012.

  22. Invited speaker for the conference NCNSD, at IISER Pune, 12-15 July, 2012.

  23. Invited speaker for workshop on Mathematical physics of complex networks: from graph theory to biological physics at MPI-PKS Dresden during 14-18 May, 2012.

  24. Spectral behavior of directed networks in Networks: dynamics and function held in IISc Bangalore during 4-6 November, 2011.

  25. Localization of gene expression networks, at 4th India Singapore joint physics symposium at National University of Singapore during Feb 23-35, 2011.

  26. Universal and non-universal behavior of biological networks : Alzheimer disease as a case study at PNLD 2010, Bangalore.

  27. Gene expression networks of cancer tissue in the group of Prof. Caroline at DUKENUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore, April 2009.

  28. Random matrix analysis of Complex Networks at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Potsdam, (Sep 2008) invited by J. Kurths.

  29. Statistical vs spectral properties of complex networks in BioNet 2008, Dresden organized by J. Kurths, T. Gross and S. Boccaletti.

  30. Different mechanisms of synchronization in spatially extended systems in the Complex network group of Prof. A.-L. Barabasi at the University of Notre-Dame (Feb 2007).

  31. Symbolic synchronization at the Max Planck Institute for Self-organization, Gottingen (October 2006), invited by M. Timme.

  32. Synchronized clusters and network topology at International University of Bremen, 8-9 December, 2005.

  33. Relation between synchronized nodes and architecture of networks in Nonlinear dynamics group of Institute of Physics, Potsdam University, (Jan 2005), invited by J. Kurths.

  34. Coupled dynamics on Networks at IIT Madras, Chennai on the invitation from TPSC (Theoretical physics seminar circuit, India), March 2004.

Contributed Talks

  1. Cluster synchronization in multiplex networks , in workshop on Mathematics and Physics of Multilayer Complex Networks held at MPIPKS, Dresden during July 5 - 9, 2015.

  2. RMT of cancer network, Dynamics Days Asia-Pacific 08 at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, during 21-24 July , 2014.

  3. Evolution of clusters,Causality, Information transfer & Dynamical networks, held at MPI-PKS, Dresden, during 12 May-04 July 2014.

  4. Synchronized clusters on the networks with varying topology in ECCS07, Dresden.

  5. Random matrix analysis of complex networks, in Dresden during ECCS07, during 05-09 October 2007.

  6. Symbolic dynamics and the detection of synchronized chaos in Oxford during ECCS, 25-29 September, 2006.

  7. Symbolic synchronization in spatially extended systems in workshop on Dynamics on Complex Networks and Applications, organized by MPI-PKS, Dresden, during 6 Feb-3 March, 2006.

  8. Detection of synchronization in coupled system using local symbolic dynamics, in a workshop jointly organized by MPI-MiS and IZBI, Leipzig, During 11 November, 2005.

  9. Floating node behavior in the coupled dynamics on networks, COSIN-05, Spain, 14-18 March, 2005.

  10. S and D- synchronized clusters in the coupled map networks during NCNSD, Kharagpur, India (Jan 2003).

  11. Talk on Universality in biological networks at Harish-Chandra Institute, Allahabad (September 2010).
  12. Colloquium Synchronization on Networks at Harish-Chandra Institute, Allahabad (September 2010).

  13. Coupled dynamics of networks : coherence at different level in the group of Prof. C. H. Lai, NUS March 2009.

  14. Talk on Spectral analysis of random networks in the group of Prof. B. Li at National University of Singapore, December 2008.

  15. Spectral vs. structural analysis of complex networks at IISER Pune, October 2008; IIT Kanpur November 2008.

  16. An area seminar on Random matrix analysis of complex networks in time series group of Holger Kantz, MPIPKS, Dresden November 2007.

  17. Visited following institutes, IITM Chennai, IISc Bangalore, PRL Ahmedabad, SINP Kolkata, during Jan 03 -19 and gave several talks on Synchronization, Symbolic dynamics and Coupled dynamics on networks (Jan 2007).

  18. An area seminar in the Neural network group of Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the sciences during November, 2004.

  19. Colloquium after PhD thesis submission in Physical research Laboratory, Ahmedabad.

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