Astronomy Laboratory Part I

Siddharth Malu (Course Co-ordinator)                                                                                                                          Saurabh Das (Instructor)
Email: siddharth [at] iiti
saurabh [dot] das [at] iiti


Part I: Python Programming
  1. Introduction to Python, Jupyter Notebook, Data Types and Operators
  2. Python
    Lists, Tuple, Set, Dictionary and File handling
  3. Conditions and loops
  4. Functions, Modules, Matplotlib 
  5. Matrix and array operations, Numpy
  6. Numerical Techniques for Astrophysics - I: Basics - Integration, ODEs
  7. Numerical Techniques for Astrophysics - II: Application to Stellar Astrophysics
  8. Numercial Techniques for Astrophysics - III: Application to Cosmology
Part II: Virtual Observatory

1. Introduction to Virtual Observatory and Classification of Stellar Spectra

2. Photometry of a Star Cluster

3. H-R diagrams of Star Clusters

4. The Hubble Redshift distance relation

5. Large-scale Structure of the universe

6. Radio Astronomy of Pulsars

Part III: Introduction to Basic RF Electronics

1. Introduction to the ExpEyes Platform and RC circuits

2. Implementation of Low-Pass Filters using resistors and capacitors

3. High-Pass Filters using R & C

4. RL circuit transient response

5. RC circuit as differentiator and integrator

6. Steady-state LCR circuit

7. Transient response of LCR circuit

8. Simple Fourier Analysis