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About IIT Indore

IIT Indore started functioning in 2009. It was setup under the mentorship of IIT Bombay.

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Why IIT-I?

A major attraction of IITI is its distinguished faculty members and flexible academics. The faculty at IITI is one of the finest among the Indian vocational institutes. Most members of the faculty are achievers in their own right as well as excellent teachers and mentors. Says one student, “Most of our professors are research scholars themselves and are deeply involved in their own subjects of interest. It is this attitude of our professors that really makes them special, and engaging for our students. It becomes especially important to have professors who think in this way for our students to get their answers and take their involvement in their courses to the next level”(And this is the reason why IITI is known for its quality research with a great impact factor.)

While the academic curriculum forms a large part of the experience at IITI, the institute also offers a number of extracurricular activities that IITI students are encouraged to participate in. This ensures that students get an all-round education and are not confined to academic achievements alone. “All work and no play typically dull the mind. We are proud to be part of an institute that promotes a strong curriculum with a keen interest in participation beyond books,” says one IITI student.

IITI is a place that also subscribes to the entrepreneurship philosophy. In fact many of IIT’s students spend a fair amount of time on their own projects and eventually launch them into full-fledged companies as soon as they pass out of IITI.

Through Industry-Academia collaborations and sponsored projects, the institute offers a conducive environment in which new ideas can be generated, researched, and nurtured before they become industry ready.

IITI also takes pride in hosting the biggest Fest in Central India, Fluxus which is a technical and cultural extravaganza witnessing a footfall of over 15k students, from across the country.

About Gymkhana

Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, in the last couple of years, has travelled a long way down on its path to become one of the leading institutes in India. The students of IIT Indore naturally have the most important role to play behind the success of the institute and so does the Students` Gymkhana, the students` representative body. It forms the students' government organization of IIT Indore. Established in 2009, the Gymkhana seeks to cultivate talent and qualities of leadership amongst students to foster a corporate life and to advance the general cause of the student body.

From the organization of institutes very own techno-cultural festival FLUXUS to the numerous intra-college events, from celebrating festivals irrespective of the corner of India they are feted, to arranging highly knowledgeable technical workshops in the campus, the Gymkhana has specific committees for all of the them. With excellent co-ordination and extensive support from the students it carries out activities, competitions, cultural events, technical workshops, celebrations, debates and other literary events as well as various sports championships all-round the academic year.


The Student Gymkhana, IIT Indore, is an independent, self-governing and a democratic organization. It aims at fostering a life based on equality of status and sound moral judgment among the student body. It aspires to develop extra-curricular and sports activities, supplementing education, in the institute, leading to an over-all development of students, making them equipped to lead a successful corporate life in today`s competitive world. Vowing to govern itself responsibly, the Gymkhana pledges to thrive for the advancement of the general welfare of the fellow students.


The Student Gymkhana at IIT Indore has four councils under it. They are the Academic Council Science and Technology Council, abbreviated as the Sci-Tech Council, the Cultural Council and Sports Council. Each of the councils is headed by a secretary who takes care of the functioning of each of their respective councils. The council also works mutually in conducting events for the welfare of the students co-ordinated by the president of gymkhana.


Silver Springs Township (Hostel)

One of the best townships in Indore, IITI students are currently accommodated in row houses, terrace cottages and flats at Silver Springs. The rooms are spacious and the area is peaceful with ample number of lawns.

Simrol Permanent Campus

IIT Indore's permanent campus is spreads over an area of about 510 acres at Simrol, a location about 25 km from the city of Indore.

Accommodation is provided at Silver Springs hostel, academic facilities and Research Labs are present in IIT Indore Simrol main campus.

Travel times:

Silver Springs to Simrol: 45 mins
Silver Springs to city/railway station: 40 mins


IIT Indore had its first placement session three years ago in the academic year 2012-2013 that went in accordance of brand IIT. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Honda Cars, Qualcomm and many other leaders in the industry came forward to recruit from our first batch. The one most common response that the Placement Office received from the companies was - "How did you manage all this in the first year itself?"

After the second session of placements that concluded this year, we've got renewed belief in the standing that our college holds in the corporate world, with our recruitment percentages acing the 90% mark and even rising to 100% in CSE this year!

We, as a placement team believe in keeping our head down and churning out results, which may have the downside of our college not being marketed enough in the country, yet it ensures that our students are given a chance to get interviewed by the finest professionals, with some of the most competitive packages that are offered. Yet, to satisfy the thirst for facts, we've had alumni working in Google at their Headquarters, & Epic Systems in USA, we've had Facebook conducting interviews last year and we've seen the other end of the spectrum where our students are heading to CERN (Switzerland), Germany and even Croatia for research internships, along with Microsoft, Amazon, DE Shaw, Code Nations, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Morgan Stanley, TATA, Mahindra, CISCO, CMC and many others being leading names in our corporate recruitment program as well.


Silver Springs hostel has a football ground with floodlights, basketball court, tennis courts and volleyball net. IITI maintains a table tennis table, gym and student activity centre here.

The mess serves breakfast, lunch, high tea with snacks and dinner. It operates a night canteen during exam time.

The Dispensary always has a doctor and staff available 24x7 and is open every day. IITI also has a 24X7 ambulance available at hostel for emergency medical situations. It also makes trips to the hospital every day. Students are covered by medical insurance and all treatment is free, at covered private hospitals in Indore.

The Student Activity Centre or The Gymkhana House (RH 113) is where students and student clubs have meetings, events and activities.

La Fresco is IIT Indore’s own general store and has been started and is run by students themselves. All day-to-day requirements like cosmetics, packed food, stationery, cold-drinks and refreshments are available here. It even has a photo-copying machine and printing facility.

Student Academic Council

This Council comprises of students from various departments along with the chair namely the Academic Secretary. It acts as a bridge between the students and the institute authorities to address the academic issues the students face and fill the gap between them.

The SAC frames policies and prepares new proposals for solving the academic related issues of the students or for implementing new academic programs in the institute. The members of the Student Academic Council are also responsible for taking the problems from the students to the General Secretary, Academic Affairs during the meetings who in turn takes it to the institute authorities. It reserves the right to advise the Executive Council on all academic matters.

Our Team

Hari Krishna
Academic Secretary
B.Tech 2nd year CSE
Raviraj Awasthi
B.Tech 2nd year ME

Apoorva Joshi
B.Tech 1st year CSE

Shreshtha Kumar
B.Tech 1st year EE

AG. Sai Kiran
B.Tech 1st year ME


The Cultural is one of the seven councils of Student Gymkhana, IIT Indore. It is headed by the Cultural Secretary. The coordinators of various Cultural clubs constitute the rest of the council. The council supervises all the cultural activities in the institute. It helps the students to practice their interests.

Sci-Tech Council

The Science and Technology Council is one of the seven councils of Student Gymkhana, IIT Indore. It is headed by the incumbent Science and Technology Secretary. The coordinators of various Sci-Tech clubs constitute the rest of the council. The council supervises all the technical related activities in the institute. It strives to inculcate the spirit of scientific thinking in students.

The following clubs come under the Sci-tech Council:


This council along with the secretary and his council members address all the sports related issues and organizes many sports

competitions within the institution.The variety of extracurricular life in IITI, gives everyone an opportunity to find worthwhile and

meaningful activities to pursue throughout their stay on campus. IIT Indore's Sports is one of the more improving facets of this campus

life. Our fiery enthusiasm and zeal make us a strong contender among the new IITs. Despite functioning from both temporary and

permanent campuses at the Silver Springs hostel and Simrol respectively, IITI offers plenty of sports facilities, which include a standard

size football and cricket ground with floodlights, swimming pool, floodlit courts for basketball, badminton, tennis and for volleyball,also,

indoor games like table tennis and chess are available.We provide proper coaching facilities and selection trials for the institute team.

Our calendar includes events like the INTRA-IIT Sports Meet (our very own intramural sports competition within the different batches

studying at IIT Indore) where the winning batch is rewarded with the prestigious trophy along with medals and certificates; regular

friendly matches with other college teams or academies in Indore, and the most important of all , the Grandest Stage where any

Sportsperson in IITs would like to shine,the “INTER IIT SPORTS MEET”. A glint of gold bearing the Inter IIT Logo is the hallmark

achievement for any sportsperson in IIT


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