Hostel- IIT Indore



Simrol Campus Hostels :

The hostels at IITI are probably the best any student pursuing studies in India could wish for. Aesthetically pleasing and located in close proximity to the Academic buildings, these hostels have been built keeping the comfort of students as the foremost priority. As far as the security is concerned, each hostel block is scrutinized by a guard 24x7. There are lady guards for the girls hostel. The wardens are always ready to sort out any issues that the students face. The rooms are spacious and students enjoy a plethora of facilities here, that not only save their time but also make them feel more comfortable.

Mess :

The mess at IIT Indore serves a wide range of delicacies which perfectly reflect the diversity of the numerous places that our students arrive from. The mess has a pre-determined menu that is revised every month and passed only by the consent of the students. The mess serves breakfast, lunch, snacks in the evening(high tea) and dinner according to a daily schedule. The menu for each day is different, which prevents monotonicity. Along with the variety they provide, our chefs are prudent to provide the best-quality, nutritious food, as they know very well:
"A healthy mind in a healthy body!"

Healthcare Centre :

The healthcare centre at IIT Indore is equipped with modern medical instruments and is functional 24x7. The doctors and nurses treat the members of the IITI community with utmost care. An ambulance is available at the healthcare at all times which takes people from the campus to the hospital in the event of an emergency.


  • Spacious.
  • Completely secure.
  • State of the art design.
  • Among the best IIT hostels.
  • Round the clock water and electricity supply.
  • Stratigically connected to Health Care Center.

Contact list

Name Designation Contact
Dr. Biswarup Pathak Chief Warden
0731 2438 772
Dr. Amit Kumar Hostel Warden
0731 2438 771
Dr. Ruchi Sharma Girls' Hostel Warden
0731 2438 956
Dr. Sharad Gupta Mess Warden
0731 2438 743
Mr. Digant Karve Hostel Supervisor
Mr. Ramakant Kaushik Chief Security Officer
Ms. Sarita Batra Coordinator
Mr. Arvind Banarasi Housekeeping Supervisor 9522498048
Mr. Mukesh Tiwari In-charge La-Fresco 8962241236
Mr. J.C. Upadhyay Electrician 8871366966
Mr. Janu Kandekar Plumber 9981034220
Security Help Desk: | Simrol: 0731-2438917,7509062839 | Silver Springs : 7509062835