Avana, IIT-Indore

An initiative by students of IIT Indore (Est. 2011)

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier" - Mother Teresa

Our Activities

  • Independence Day celebration (Ashrawad, Sideras): -Independence day was celebrated with the students of Ashrawad Khurd in the morning and at Sideras Orphanage in the afternoon. Prizes were distributed to the toppers of each class encouraging them to do better and better. The other kids were also given gifts.

  • Eye donation and Eye check up camp( 16 and 18 October, 2014): - The eye screening camp was held in Silver Springs dispensary. It was organized by the Medical Team of IIT Indore and Avana in collaboration with doctors from Rajas Eye and Retina Research Centre, Indore.Also, an eye donation seminar was held by Mrs. Uma Jhawar, Director, M.K. International Eye Bank, Indore which made IIT Indore family aware about the need of eye donation, how the cornea transplant takes place and how to reach out to eye banks for such donations.

  • Made in India Diwali: -A local vendor was called to sell out the Indian made lights in order to promote the Indian made goods.

  • Hospital Visit(Cleaning and Celebration):- We had a visit to "Chacha Nehru Child Hospital" on the eve of Deepawali for cleaning and decorating the hospital. On Deepawali, again a visit was made to the hospital for celebrating Deepawali with the children and parents present there. Each child got a gift what he/she desired for this Deepawali.

  • Asha Vardharanjan Sewa Ashram(26 October, 2014): - A visit was made to "Asha Varadharnjan Sewa Ashram". An interaction through cultural events was made.

  • Blood Donation(15 January,2015): - Blood Donation Camp was held at IITI hostel, Silver Springs in collaboration with Model Blood Bank, M Y Hospital.

  • Old age home(18 January, 2015): - Again a visit was made to "Asha Varadharnjan Sewa Ashram.

  • Republic day Celebration at Govt. School, Ashrawad Khurd(Detailed Description in teaching Section)

  • Beyond The Binaries(2nd April, 2015): - Under the aegis of social FLUXUS in association with SESC, AVANA conducted a talk by Mr.Rahul Ranjan on the topic, "BEYOND THE BINARIES-Need to be talked about" emphasizing on transgender discrimination and also performed a small skit in association with ISSW, Indore.

  • Scrap Collection:- This time the scrap left over was collected from IITI hostels and sold out.

  • Teaching at government school ashrawad khurd: - Since 2 years, we were going to Govt. school,Ashrawad Khurd for uplifting the level of school. This event was conducted throughout the year.This year we involved more students of our college, especially PGs. We regularised our visits at school. We segregated kids in 2 sections according to their academic performance to teach efficiently.Our focus was to improve their English, Maths and Personality. We also selected 20 students of 5th class and prepared them for JNVV'15 entrance test. As a result of this, one of them qualified in test.Along with teaching we distributed stationery to all students and also donated dust bin for each class.On the occasion of Republic day, we taught them dance, drama, parade for a week.

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Club Head

Ugrah Narayan Pathak