New paper in Dalton Transactions

Our paper entitled “Base-free synthesis of benchtop stable Ru(III)-NHC complexes from RuCl3·3H2O and their use as precursors for Ru(II)-NHC complexes” has been published in Dalton Transactions (DOI:

In this paper, a series of Ru(III)-PyNHC complexes (1a-c), have been reported, prepared from simple starting materials via a base-free route, where the Lewis acidic Ru(III) centre operates via a halide-assisted, electrophilic C-H activation of azolium salts, L1-3·HI. Complexes 1a-c have been shown as excellent metal precursors for new RuII(PyNHCR)(Cl)2(PPh3)2 (2a-c) and [RuII(PyNHCR)(CNCMe)I]PF6 (3a-c) complexes.

Congratulations to Nida for her first paper from her PhD thesis work! Congratulations to all the co-authors, Rahul and Navdeep!!