Paper in Chemistry—A European Journal

Our paper entitled “Ru(II) Complexes with Protic- and Anionic-Naked-NHC Ligands for Cooperative Activation of Small Molecules” has been published in Chemistry—A European Journal (DOI:

In this paper, a set of ruthenium(II)-protic-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes, [Ru(NNCH)(PPh3)2(X)]Cl (1, X=Cl and 2, X=H) and their deprotonated analogues [Ru(NNC)(PPh3)2(X)] (, X=Cl and ,X=H) are reported. Complex activates H-H bond of hydrogen, C(sp3)-I bond of iodomethane, and C(sp)-H bond of phenylacetylene. The activation of CO2 using complex at moderate temperature and subsequent conversion to formate is also described.

Congratulations to Shambhu for his first paper from PhD thesis work! Congratulations to all the co-authors!!