PG students

M.Sc. in Astronomy (2nd year)

Name: Alvera Farooqui Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121001

Name: Ankit Meena Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121002

Name: Gursharanjit Kaur Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121003

Name: Jibin Sunny Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121004

Name: Kishlay Singh Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121005

Name: Kunal Motghare Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121006

Name: Manish Singh Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121007

Name: Pawan Tiwari Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121008

Name: Sirsha Nandy Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121010

Name: Sohini Iiti Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2003121011


M.Sc. in Astronomy (1st year)

Name: Vednarayan Iyer Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121001

Name: Ansh Chopra Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121002

Name: Pranjali Sharma Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121004

Name: Soumya Gupta Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121005

Name: Avinash Kumar Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121006

Name: Sayeed Kazim Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121007

Name: Himanshu Bora Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121008

Name: Jitin Kumar Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121009

Name: Priyatam Kumar Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121010

Name: Amit Poonia Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121011

Name: Saurabh Iiti Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121012

Name: Sumit Gautam Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121013

Name: Keshav Aggarwal Course: MSc (Astronomy) Email: msc2103121014


MS (Research) in Space Science and Engineering

Name: Saswata Dasgupta Course: MS (Space Science and Engineering) Email: ms2104121001

Name: Kalpana Course: MS (Space Science and Engineering) Email: ms2104121002

Name: Nitig Singh Course: MS (Space Science and Engineering) Email: ms2104121003

Name: Manish Kumar Mawatwal Course: MS (Space Science and Engineering) Email: ms2104121004

Name: Chavakula Subhasri Course: MS (Space Science and Engineering) Email: ms2104121005


M.Tech. in Space Engineering

Name: Ankit Bhanu Course: MTech (Space Engineering) Email: mt2102121001

Name: Shubhanshu Umeshchandra Bishwash Course: MTech (Space Engineering) Email: mt2102121002

Name: Narthu Santhosh Kumar Course: MTech (Space Engineering) Email: mt2102121003

Name: Pushp Ranjan Course: MTech (Space Engineering) Email: mt2102121004

Name: Archishman Guha Course: MTech (Space Engineering) Email: mt2102121005