(Creche and Campus PreSchool)

Indian Institute of Technology Indore


  • Important general announcements can be viewed on school webpage and also through email circulars.
  • Check the School Bag / School diary daily. It contains important information for you.
  • Parents are expected to support and reinforce the school rules and policies. The school expects parents to attend parent-teacher meetings, school functions and thus show interest in the student's school activities.
  • Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to speak to the students or their teachers during class hours / during transition without the permission of the H.M. Prior appointments may be made before hand to interact during a teacher's free period, with the approval of the Principal.
  • Parents or guardians are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address or telephone numbers.
  • When communicating with the ‘Headmistress (H.M.)’, parents are requested to mention in their letters the name of student, roll number, standard, name, roll number and division.
  • Parents are also expected to voluntarily extend their expertise and knowledge in their respective fields for the betterment of students and school, if the school seeks for the same.
  • Parents or guardians should as soon as possible notify the school authorities of the occurrence of any contagious or infectious disease in the house where a pupil lives, and the pupil or pupils must not be sent to school until all danger of infection is completely over.
  • Parents and guardians may discuss with the members of the staff regarding their children/ ward's behaviour and progress in school during PTMs. Previous permission of the H.M. is required to visit a teacher during the school hours other than the Parent Teacher Meetings.
  • Parents are aware that the school reserves the rights to make changes in the school’s rules and regulations, which will be communicated to students and parents and shall be binding to all.


  • There is a PTA that will be constituted every year within one month of admission.
  • PTA should constitute of 75% parents (at least 50% mothers) and 25% Teachers. The chairperson of the PTA will be selected from among the parents.
  • The term of PTA will be one year. Every year new PTA will be constituted by giving representation to parents in rotation.
  • Meeting of PTA should be conducted minimum one meeting every quarter and proceedings of meetings be recorded.
  • The main functions of PTA should be to ensure safe, secure and developmentally appropriate environment for children in the play school.