The Digital Humanities and Publishing Research Group at IIT Indore is a vibrant place of creative ideas that fuels our research agendas and projects. We are interested in interdisciplinary research that investigates and examines the intersections between technology and the humanities to understand the myriad ways in which technology is transforming and is transformed in the digital age. We are especially committed to developing a research hub that foster collaboration across disciplines from Humanities, Computer Science and allied disciplines. Our current projects include developing a digital archive for Minor Partitions, developing a multilingual database indexing project, using digital tools for algorithmic literary analysis, using visualization techniques for foregrounding gaps in scholarship and so on. The DH research group also has international collaborations with research groups in Australia, Austria, US and other places. Our current major project is KSHIP (Knowledge Sharing in Publishing); an Open Access scholarly publishing project that we hope will initiate a much-needed discussion on the modes and objectives of research publications in India. The Research group is led by Prof Nirmala Menon and currently has  eight scholars and a visiting Fulbright scholar in its team.