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Prof. Neelesh Kumar Jain
Invited Expert Lectures or Panel Discussion
(As on July 2019)
  1. On “Modern Methods in Teaching and Evaluation” Faculty Induction Program under TEQIP-3 program at IIT Indore, Jan 2018.
  2. Panelist in Discussion on “Role of Academic Institutions in Industry 4.0” in Global Manufacturing Summit organized by “The Machinist” magazine from Times of India Group, 16 Nov. 2017
  3. On “Near-net Shape Manufacturing of Miniatures Gears by WEDM Process” at IIT Guwahati on 22 Nov. 2015 in TEQIP course on “Advances in Gear Engineering”.
  4. On “High Quality of Finishing of Gears by Electrochemical Honing Process” at IIT Guwahati on 21 Nov. 2015 in TEQIP course on “Advances in Gear Engineering”.
  5. Presentation in Manufacturing Today’s “Re-inventing the Future: Innovation at Work” on 26 Aug. 2016 orgranized by Adita Birla Group.
  6. On “Micromanufacturing Applications of Micro-Plasma Transferrred Arc Deposition Process” at IIT Kanpur on 1st July 2015 in AICTE sponsored short-term course on “Micro-manufacturing”.
  7. On “Advanced Machining Processes” in the MPCST sponsored national workshop on “Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering-Materials and Manufacturing” at IES-IPS Academy Indore on 1st May 2015.
  8. On “Using Advanced Machining and Finishing Processes for Micro-manufacturing Applications” at IIT Kanpur on 2nd April 2014 in AICTE-BARC sponsored course on “Micro-manufacturing”.
  9. On "Machining of Metal Matrix Composites" in the Short-Term Training Program on "Recent Advances in Composite Materials" at SVNIT Surat on 27th June 2013.
  10. On "Process Selection Methodology for Rapid Prototyping (RP) Processes" in National Workshop on "Significance of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling in Indian Industry" at MANIT Bhopal on May 11th, 2013.
  11. On “Electrochemical honing of Internal Cylinders and external gears” DST sponsored 3rd SERC school at IIT KANPUR during 20-25th July 2009.
  12. FOUR expert lectures on the topics of Electro Discharge machining (EDM), Wire-EDM, Electro Chemical Machining (ECM), and Electro Chemical Grinding (ECG) in the short-term course on “Non-Conventional Machining” held at Delhradun Institute of Technology, Dehrdun during 2-6th March, 2009.
  13. FIVE Lectures on the topics of CIM, Automation, CAM, and CAPP in a Short-Term Training Program on ACAD/CAM for Polytechnic Teachers of Uttarakhand during 11th to 15th March 2008 organized at STEP IIT Roorkee.
  14. On “Manufacture Process Selection” in AICTE-Sponsored Short-Term Course on “Product Design and Development” on 12th July 2007 held at IIT ROORKEE during 9-13 July, 2007.
  15. On “Electrochemical Honing (ECH) Process” in AICTE-BARC sponsored Short-Term Course on “Micromachining” on 21st June 2007 held at IIT KANPUR during 18-23 June 2007.
  16. On “Automated Manufacturing Process Selection for Advanced Machining Processes and Rapid Prototyping Processes” at SGSITS INDORE, on 29th Jan, 2007.
  17. On “Rapid Prototyping Technology” in QIP-sponsored Short-Term Course on “Advanced Processing of Composite Materials” on 26th July 2006 held at IIT ROORKEE during 24-28th July, 2006.
  18. On “Plant Layout” on 1st Feb. 2005 in the Analytical Skills Development Program for ACC Management Trainees conducted at Continuing Education Center of IIT ROORKEE during Jan-Feb. 2005.
  19. On “Advanced Machining Process Selection” on 20th March 2004 at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST), HYDERABAD.
  20. On “Computer Aided Process Selection and Parametric Optimization of Advanced Machining Processes” in the Contact Program for Young Scientists sponsored by DST, Government of India New Delhi and held at IIT KANPUR during July 2001.