Research Area

Research Focus

Molecular Biology

The basic mechanism how the biomolecules influence the gene expression.

Molecular Immunology.

Studying how the immune cells, especially B-lymphocytes function.

Somatic Hypermutation of Ig Genes.

Ig genes undergo somatic hypermutation, a phenomena that helps B-cell to produce a diverse range of antibodies.

B-Cell Lymphoma

B-cell lymphoma are cancer of B-cell that are caused by overexpression of certain genes required for germinal centre formation.

Chromatin Modifications and Gene Regulation

Eukaryotic DNA is present in the form of chromatin. These chromatins are prone to various modifications that assist in another level of gene regulation.

Antibody Diversity Mechanism

Understanding the basic mechanism how AID targeting to immunoglobulin genes assist in antibody diversification.

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