Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 500 MHz (NMR)
Funded by DST-FIST, Program under Discipline of Chemistry

NMR spectrometer: Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer, Model AVNACE NEO500 Ascend Bruker BioSpin International AG, Switzerland. Magnet: 11.764 Tesla (Superconducting), 50 mm bore Probes Available: For Solution State NMR 5 mm Broad Band Observe I-Probe & Triple Resonance Inverse Probe with gradient along Z-axis and Automated Tuning & Matching (ATM). Console: The state of the art AVANCE NEO NMR console with digital lock and 3 independent RF channels providing 150 W 1H/19F transmitter and 600 W transmitters and broad band Preamplifier. In addition 150 W 2H transmitter for deuterium observe and decoupling. It is also equipped with BCU I unit for on demand temperature studies ranging from (-40 to 120℃).

AVNACE NEO500 Ascend Bruker BioSpin International