OPTImization for MAchine Learning (OPTIMAL) Research Group
OPTImization for MAchine Learning (OPTIMAL)
Research Group
Please see GitHub respository for codes.
Dr. M. Tanveer, SMIEEE
Associate Professor
Action Editor: Neural Networks, Elsevier (2022-2025) (IF: 8.05).
Editorial Board: Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier (IF: 6.21).
Associate Editor: International Journal of Machine Learning & Cybernetics (IF: 4.012).
Associate Editor: Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.
Lead Guest Editor: SI - IEEE Journal of Biomedical Health and Informatics (IF 5.77).
Lead Guest Editor (Associate Editor): ACM Transactions on Multimedia (IF 3.27).
Guest Editor: SI - Information Fusion, Elsevier (IF 12.97).
Guest Editor: SI - IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence.
Guest Editor: SI - Annals of Operations Research, Springer (IF 4.85).
Guest Editor: SI - Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier (IF 6.72).
Associate Editor: IEEE SMC 2019 - 2021.
Lead Guest Editor (Associate Editor): Special Issue of MTAP, Springer (IF 2.75).
The OPTIMAL research group focusses on the following research problems:
  • Optimization methods and models for non-parallel support vector machines
  • Detection of human brain disorders using machine learning approaches
  • On classification and predition of Alzheimer's disease using machine learning techniques
  • Novel machine learning algorithms for automated detection of seizure using EEG signals
  • Digital forensic knowledge integration and intelligence (DIREKT-Intel)
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Action Editor: Neural Networks, Elsevier (IF: 8.05).
Editorial Board: EAAI, Elsevier (IF: 6.21).
Keynote Speaker at IEEE CIS Summer School 2021.
Associate Editor - IJMLC, Springer (IF: 4.012).
SI - Information Fusion, Elsevier (IF: 12.97).
General Chair - ICONIP 2022 (Core Rank A).
Organzing two SS @ICONIP 2021, Bali, Indonesia
SI - IEEE JBHI (IF: 5.77).
General Chair - IEEE CIS Summer School 2020.
Founding Chair - MISP 2021.
Organizing SS - IJCNN 2021 (Core Rank A).
Publicity Chair - ICONIP 2021 (Core Rank A).
Session Chair - CVIP 2020.
Co-Chaired 04 Sessions - IEEE SMC 2020.
Coordinator - NPIU/TEQIP-III Faculty Training on AI-ML.
Chaired a Session - ICONIP 2020 (Core Rank A), Bangkok.
SI-Annals of Operations Research, Springer (IF: 4.85).
SI-Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier (IF 6.72).
Organized a Special Session at ICONIP 2020, Bangkok.
SS - WCCI 2020 (Core Rank A), Glasgow (UK).
Organized 04 Days Short Term Course on Fundamentals of Data Analytics (Nov. 30- Dec. 03, 2019).
Organized International Conference CMA 2019 at IIT Indore.
RA/Postdoc Position available.
Tutorial Speaker at PReMI 2019.
Delivered a Keynote Talk at MISP 2019, IIIT Allahabad.
Delivered two expert lectures at IET Lucknow.
Delivered an Invited Talk at IEEE CIS Summer School, IIIT Allahabad.
Lead Guest Editor: Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer (IF: 2.75).
Lead Guest Editor: ACM TOMM (IF: 3.27).
News: Our work entiled "Sparse pinball twin SVM" received IIT Indore "Best UG Researcher Award". Congratulations to the team Dr. Aruna Tiwari, Mr. Rahul and Mr. Sanchit.
MHRD SPARC Joint Research Project Approved with NTNU Norway. Winter School on Deep Learning and AI, Bangkok.
Book on Machine Intelligence and Signal Analysis, Springer.
Dr. Tanveer is invited as Visiting Professor at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil during June-July, 2018.

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  • M. Tanveer, Tarun Gupta, Miten Shah (2021). Pinball Loss Twin Support Vector Clustering, ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM). [SCI Indexed with Impact Factor: 3.27]
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  • M. Tanveer, B. Richhariya, R.U. Khan, A.H. Rashid, M. Prasad, P. Khanna, C.T. Lin (2020). Machine learning techniques for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: A review, ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM). [SCI Indexed with Impact Factor: 3.27]