One-week Workshop under Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) of AICTE / MHRD

Statistical Methods in Physical Sciences and Engineering

December 07-12, 2020
Discipline of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Indore

About Discipline of Physics, IIT Indore

Indian Institute of Technology Indore, located in Madhya Pradesh, is an institute of national importance established by the Government of India in 2009. Recently IIT Indore is ranked 55 in the THE world university ranking-2020 and ranked 10 by MHRD as per NIRF 2020. The faculty members of the Discipline of Physics are engaged in the research frontiers from keV to TeV energies, including some of the interdisciplinary research activities. The Discipline has attracted bright students across the country for PhD and undergraduate research. Interested people are encouraged to contact the concerned faculty members for collaborative research. The Discipline is actively engaged in organizing various research activities.

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Course Objectives

Statistical data analysis and handing of errors are integral parts of research in all the areas of Science and Engineering. This course is not formally taught in any university, but everybody needs it at a later part of academic career. The proposed course will be of practical use to anyone in research and teaching. In particular, it will benefit the teachers maximally, as they deal with laboratory courses at all levels. It is a need for researchers in their everyday life.


This course is tailor made for the faculty members and researchers from all the disciplines of Science, Engineering and R&D industries. The course will enhance the understanding of basic concepts of distribution functions used to perform data analysis, theoretical model building, handling of errors in experimental data, test of hypothesis etc.

Course Module

  • Module I: Statistical Distributions
    Discrete and Continuous statistical distributions and applications in Science and Engineer
  • Module II: Data Reduction and Error Analysis
    Central limit theorem, rejection of data, weighted averages, combination of errors, propagation of errors, statistical and systematic errors, how to report and use uncertainties, statistical distribution of random uncertainties
  • Module III: Estimation and Least Squares
    Properties of estimators, basic estimators, maximum likelihood, method of moments, least squares, the straight line fit, fitting binned data, chi square distribution and errors, linear least squares and matrices, non-linear least squares, kinematic fitting. Covariance and Correlations 
  • Module IV: Probability and Confidence
    Probability and confidence levels, student’s t-distribution
  • Module V: Taking Decisions
    Hypothesis Testing, interpreting experiments, goodness of fit, the two samples problem, analysis methods for several samples
  • Module VI: Monte Carlo Methods
    Random number generation, Markov chain, applications of Monte Carlo calculations in various physical systems

Course Faculty

Raghunath Sahoo
Prof. Raghunath Sahoo
(Course Co-ordinator)
IIT Indore
Dipankar Das
Prof. Dipankar Das
IIT Indore
Prof. Aruna Kumar Nayak
IoP, Bhubaneswar


  • There is no registration fee.
  • Faculty members from AICTE sponsored colleges should send their filled registration forms duly signed by the institute/department head (with seal) to the email address given below.
  • PhD students should send their registration through their supervisors/HoD with official seal.
  • Early registration is recommended due to limited number of participants. No. of participants is limited to 100 with priority to AICTE college faculty members.
  • For online registration, click here.

    Registration deadline: 30 November 2020

Instructions (For Participants)

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Dr. Raghunath Sahoo
Discipline of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Simrol, Khandwa Road, Indore-453552, M.P., India
Email:, Phone: +91 6264818486

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