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Advertisement for JRF position under CSIR-HRDG EMR-II project deadline for online application: 14 August 2023

International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (ICAMM 2023).

Congratulations to Dr. Santanu Manna for the Mobility Grant 2023 by IIT Indore

Congratulations to Dr. Santanu Manna for the Award INI ECR Bursary by Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Congratulations to Mr. Nikhil (Master's project student) for getting selected in PhD position at the University of South Florida, USA.

Congratulations to Ms. Tanisha Kumari (Master's project student) for getting selected in PhD position at Washington State University, USA.

Congratulations to Ms. Manasa Bhat for the award of Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF-2021)

Applied Mathematics and Geomechanics (AMG) Group

The Applied Mathematics and Geomechanics (AMG) Group, Dr. Manna's Lab is devoted as a research facility to work on Applied Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Modeling of Geomechanics including asymptotic analysis, modeling of physical systems, wavelets transfer, wave propagation, continuum mechanics, theoretical seismology and earthquake statistics. Our team is working on the development, numerical and analytical study for solving large-scale scientific and engineering problems on advanced methods. Moreover, our team is working on earthquake source parameters and earthquake statistical analysis of the extensive earthquakes data in order to get the most efficient earthquake forecasting analysis.

Recent Publications

D. Pramanik, S. Manna, (2023) Love-like wave dispersion in a highly non-homogeneous viscoelastic orthotropic layer under the effect of non-local elasticity, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (John Wiley), Accepted, (SCI, IF: 3.007).

S. Manna, T. Kumari, D. Pramanik, (2023) Effect of SH-type waves and shear stress discontinuity on a moving loaded composite structure, Acta Mechanica (Springer), Accepted, (SCI, IF: 2.645).

T. Kumari, R. Som, S. Althobaiti, S. Manna, (2023) Bending wave at the edge of a thermally effected functionally graded poroelastic plate, Thin-Walled Structures (Elsevier), Accepted, (SCI, IF: 5.886).

M. Bhat and S. Manna, (2023) Behavior of Love wave fields due to the reinforcement, porosity distributions, non-local elasticity and irregular boundary surfaces, International Journal of Applied Mechanics (World Scientific), Accepted, (SCI, IF: 3.951).

R. Som and S. Manna, (2023) Konenkov's bending wave on an FGM plate supported by a semi-infinite viscoelastic Pasternak foundation, Applied Mathematical Modelling (Elsevier), Accepted, (SCI, IF: 5.336).

Pradhan N., Manna S., and Samal S.K., (2023) SH-type wave motion in a geophysical model with monoclinic and heterogeneous media due to a point source at the interface, Archive of Applied Mechanics (Springer), Accepted, (SCI, IF: 2.467).

News & Updates
AICTE-QIP Short Term Course
January 03-08, 2022
Implementation of Numerical Methods using MATLAB (Coordinator: Dr. S. Manna)
International Conference
July 19-21, 2018
International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing (Convener: Dr. S. Manna)
Continue Education Program (CEP)
December 11-14, 2017
Differential Equations: Theory, Computation and Applications (Coordinator: Dr. S. Manna)

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