Profile | Dr. Vinod Kumar

Faculty Profile : Dr. Vinod Kumar

Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science

Area of Research
  • Nanomaterial
  • High Entropy Alloys
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Corrosion and coating
  • Structure-Property Correlations,
  • Microstructural Characterization,
  • Thermo-mechanical Processing of Light metal alloys and Steels
  • Failure Analysis
  • Building Materials
  • Energy Materials
Area of Specialization
3D Materials Engineering, Powder Metallurgy and Physical Metallurgy
International Collaborators
Prof. Ajay Dalai
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Dr Daniel Fabijanic
Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Frontier Materials – IFM
Deakin University, Australia
National Collaborators
  • Prof. Rajiv Shekhar; Director, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
  • Prof. Kantesh Balani; IIT Kanpur
  • Prof. Amar Patnaik; MNIT Jaipur
  • Prof. Kamlendra Awasthi, MNIT Jaipur
  • Dr. D. Bhattacharyya; BARC Mumbai
  • Dr. S. N. Jha; RRCAT Indore
  • Within IIT Indore
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