Faculty Forum, IIT Indore
Objectives & Activities

The aims and objectives of the society are strictly non-political and are meant to:

  • Evolve institutional goals and norms appropriate to a premier institute of higher education and research.
  • Promote freedom of thought, expression and action in fulfilling academic responsibilities.
  • Ensure faculty participation in the formulation and implementation of policies of the institute.
  • Facilitate the discharge of duties and the pursuit of creativity by the members.
  • Promote highest level of ethical and professional standards among the teaching and research community.
  • Uphold and safeguard the professional, social and financial interests of the members.
  • Help the IIT Indore (hereafter referred to as IITI) administration in introducing academic and administrative reforms in conformity with a true democratic set up, improving academic and administrative efficiency and transparent functioning of institute.
  • Promote a friendly feeling and foster a spirit of comradeship, unity and co-operation amongst the members.
  • Improve the working and service conditions of the members by all established and legitimate means and ways.
  • Improve the professional status and prospect of the members.
  • Make arrangements for the defense of any violation of any right accrued to the Association or any member thereof.
  • Device ways and means with a view to help members and their families in times of distress and render help to any member who may have suffered for the furtherance of the Association.
  • Foster alround developments through literature, social gatherings, amusements, entertainments, organizing symposia, debates, study, club etc.
  • Promote incubation / innovation centers and entrepreneurship activities.
  • To take steps towards amendment and liberalization of service rules with the aim to bring them in consonance with the spirit of an academic institution of national importance and in keeping with the national aspirations.
  • To evolve ways and means to address faculty grievances concerned with vital matters of policy and administration in the institute.
  • To promote faculty welfare.

The income and properties of the Society whatsoever derived or obtained shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the goals of the Society and no portion thereof shall be paid or divided amongst any of the members by way of profits.