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Dr. Mohd. Arshad
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Arshad is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at IIT Indore. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at Aligarh Muslim University. He earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, in 2015, under the supervision of Professor Neeraj Misra. He distinguished himself early on as a Gold Medalist in M.Sc. Statistics from CSJM University Kanpur. Dr. Arshad's research spans various statistics and data science domains, including ranking and selection, copula modelling, machine learning, data science, estimation theory, and generalised order statistics. His contributions to these areas are reflected in over 40 research papers published in esteemed international journals. At IIT Indore, Dr. Arshad leads the Statistical Modeling and Simulation (SMS) Research Group, comprising several Ph.D., postdoc, and UG/PG project students. Together, they tackle theoretical and computational challenges in statistics and data science, contributing to cutting-edge advancements in the field. Beyond research, Dr. Arshad is actively involved in academia, serving on the editorial boards of multiple journals and scientific societies. He has also co-authored and edited two books, further cementing his impact on the scholarly community. With over a decade of teaching experience, Dr. Arshad has imparted knowledge and inspired countless students through undergraduate and postgraduate courses. His dedication to education and research underscores his commitment to advancing the frontiers of statistical science.