Local Opticalization : An Outreach Program in Optics and Photonics.

We all are aware of the importance of Light and Light based Technologies in daily life. Keeping that in mind we are further contributing towards the vision of IIT Indore. On behalf of Society-chapters of Optica (Optical Society of America) and IEEE Photonics Society, we have introduced a program which we refer as Local Opticalization : An Outreach Program in Optics and Photonics.

The program aims to spread the Basic and Technological know-how of Optics and Photonics. The target beneficiaries will be high school (9-12 standard) students and Engineering Beginners (including certificate and diploma students). We plan to reach out to Schools and Colleges (including ITIs, Polytechnic institutes) in and around Indore with the various activities/objectives:
  • Lectures (Basic and advanced, depending upon target beneficiaries)
  • Basic Experiments
  • Digital Demonstrations (Basic and Advanced Photonic Technology)
  • Make it with Light:
    • Project based skill development/enhancement
    • Mentoring the projects
    • Technical help (including financial suggestions) for making some prototypes and other working project based on Light/LASER/Optical Fibre.

    We believe that the proposed program will effectively contribute - in leveraging the technical understanding of school students (about light-based technologies), in inspiring and enhancing the skills of certificate/diploma students, in helping and nurturing the ideas to make working projects based on Light/LASER/Optical Fibre.

    Your suggestions as well as participation are highly welcome. If you have any suggestion or want to participate, you may please write to rmishra@iiti.ac.in (cc to Prof. Mukesh Kumar) mukesh.kr@iiti.ac.in .