Sponsored Research Projects

S.No. Project Theme Funding Agency Role
1 On-Chip Control of Polarization and Delay in Arrayed Waveguide Gratting MEITY (2021-2024) Princpal Investigator
2 Nanophotonic Structures Based on Composite Materials for Integrated Silicon Photonic Devices SERB (2021-2024) Princpal Investigator
3 Fabrication of Silicon Photonic Nanostructured Devices for Optical Communication and Interconnects Nano Mission, DST (2019-2022) Princpal Investigator
4 Silicon Nanophotonic Platform for Optical Guidance and Control in Broadband Communication CSIR (2020-2023) Princpal Investigator
5 Photonic Crystal based Hollow Waveguide for Optical Communication DRDO (2016-2019) Princpal Investigator
6 Nano Optoelectronics Sensing platform for fast and efficient Lab-On-Chip applications SERB, DST (2016-2019) Princpal Investigator
7 Integrated nanophotonic platform for Communication and Bio-Sensing CSIR (2015-2018) Princpal Investigator