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:Research Areas:

  • Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSSs):
      Microwave Absorbers (Passive and active absorbers)
      Microwave Rasorbers (Absorptive radomes)
      Other Periodic Structures (Polarizers, filters)
      Multi-functional Reconfigurable devices

  • Three-Dimensional (3-D) Printing:
      3-D Printed Microwave Absorbers
      Conformal Microwave Absorbers using 3-D Printing
      3-D Printed Antennas
      Other 3-D Printed Microwave devices

  • Microwave and Millimeter-wave Antennas:
      Microwave Antennas
      Millimeter-wave Antennas
      Antenna Arrays
      Reflectarray Antennas

  • :Research Facilities:

    Vector Network Analyzer:
    Anritsu S820E (1 MHz - 40 GHz)

    3-D Printer:
    Ultimaker 2+

    3-D Printed samples

    PCB Manufacturer:
    LPKF Protomat S104

    PCB samples

    Noden 3V:
    SMD Pick and Place Machine

    Noden IN6:
    Reflow OVen