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“You can not trust the code that you did not totally create yourself”


Global Usage of PLUTO code

PLUTO code essentially is designed to numerically solve mixed hyperbolic/parabolic systems of partial differential equations (conservation laws) targeting high Mach number flows in astrophysical fluid dynamics. The freely-distributed PLUTO v4.2 (Aug 2015) can be downloaded from here.

PLUTO code is fully MPI parallelized and have shown ideal scaling up to 10 4 processors.

A Comprehensive User-guide for new and experienced users

PLUTO suite of modules?

Wide variety of Physical modules ...

The code is modular and has a flexible structure whereby different numerical algorithms can be separately combined to solve systems of conservation laws using the finite volume or finite difference approach based on Godunov-type schemes.

... with multiple solver options.

Image Gallery with PLUTO

Application is various fields of Astrophysics.

Visualization Tool for PLUTO: pyPLUTO

GUI for the pyPLUTO for Quick visualisation.

Python based visualization tool for PLUTO data. The tool supports all data formats generated from PLUTO. The code is completely written in Python v2.7 And also has GUI for loading and plotting of data.