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Computational Astrophysics @ IIT Indore

Computational astrophysics opens new windows in the way we perceive and study the heavens. This rapidly growing new discipline in astronomy combines modern computational methods and algorithms to simulate and analyze data so as to discover new phenomena, and to make predictions in astronomy, cosmology and planetary sciences.

CASIO will cover research interests in a wide range of topics closely associated with Computational and theoretical aspects of Astrophysics. In particular, the main aim of this group will be to develop synthetic observatories for multiple astrophysical sources to bridge state-of- the-art simulations for predicting observational features with existing and up-coming observatories like ALMA, Lofar, SKA, TMT and CTA.
The group is currently supported by CSIR EMR-II grant (2018-2021) and Max Planck Partner group award (2019-2022).

Postdoctoral Fellows

Indu Kalpa Dihingia [Joined : March 2020; MPG Partner Group Postdoc]
B.Sc. in Physics
DHSK College, Dibrugarh, Assam, India
M.Sc. in Physics
IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam, India
PhD in Physics
IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam
Thesis : Relativistic advective accretion flow around black hole
Research Interests [ ORCID ID ] [ PERSONAL PAGE]
General relativistic hydrodynamics studies around Kerr black holes and exotic objects.

PhD Students

Sayan Kundu [Joined : July 2018; MPG Partner Group PhD]
B.Sc. in Physics
Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College (Calcutta University)
M.Sc. in Physics
University of North Bengal.
Research Interests[ PERSONAL PAGE]
Modelling stochastic particle accleration processes in Astrophysical and Space plasma.

Sriyasriti Acharya [Joined : July 2018; DST-INSPIRE Fellow]
B.Sc. in Physics
Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Autonomous College (Utkal University, Odisha)
M.Sc. in Physics
Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Karnataka
Research Interests [ PERSONAL PAGE]
Understanding physical process for multi-wavelength emission and variablity in AGN jets.

Gourab Giri [Joined : March 2019; Prime Ministers Research Fellow [PMRF]]
B.Sc. in Physics
Midnapore College (Vidyasagar University)
M.Sc. in Physics
Presidency University, Kolkata
Research Interests[ PERSONAL PAGE]
Studying the behavior and feedback effects of large scale AGN jets and their connection with galaxy evolution.

Arghyadeep Paul [Joined : July 2019]
B.Sc. in Physics
University of North Bengal
M.Sc. in Physics
Tezpur University
Research Interests [ PERSONAL PAGE]
Space Weather Modelling : Micro-physical processes

Prateek Mayank [Joined: August 2020; Prime Ministers Research Fellow [PMRF]]
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Technology, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur, C.G.
M.Sc. in Physics
University of Delhi
Research Interests [ PERSONAL PAGE]
Space Weather Modelling : Macro-physical processes

Master Students

Sirsha Nandy [M.Sc. batch 2020-22]
B.Sc. in Physics : Presidency University, Kolkata
M.Sc. Thesis Topic : Study of accretion flow around Black Hole.

Kishlay Singh [M.Sc. batch 2020-22]
B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering : University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
M.Sc. Thesis Topic : Shadow imaging & study of the polarization of light emitted from around the Black Hole.

Ravi Pratap Dubey [M.Sc. batch 2019-21]
B.Sc. in Physics : University of Delhi, Delhi
M.Sc. Thesis Topic : Study of Dynamical and Emission features of Dual AGN candidates

Ronish Mugatwala [M.Sc. batch 2019-21]
B.Sc. in Physics : The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodra
M.Sc. Thesis Topic : Space Weather Modeling: Study of Initialization and Evolution of CME

Alumni (M.Sc and PhD)

Sandeep Kumar [M.Sc. batch 2018-20]
PhD student in Udaipur Solar Observation (USO)
B.Sc. in Physics : Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa, Haryana
M.Sc. Thesis Topic : Data driven modelling of solar wind : Connecting Sun to Earth

Nikhil Borse [M.Sc. batch 2018-20]
Graduate student at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
B.E. in Mechanical Engineering : Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune
M Tech in Aerospace Engineering : Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai
M.Sc. Thesis Topic : Studying effects of MHD Instablities on spectral energy distribution in AGN jets.