Faculty Members of Department of Mechanical Engineering

Core Faculty


  Dr. Suhas S. Joshi

Professor, Director

Room No.609; Silicon Building
Email: ssjoshi[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603130
 Research Interests:

  • Modeling machining of ‘difficult-to-machine’ materials (MMCs, Inconel, Titanium)
  • Modeling and development of micro-machining processes.
  • Laser micro-machining, LIGA and Nano-polishing.




Dr. Anand Parey
Room No. 623; Silicon Building
Email: anandp[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603234
Research Interests:

  • Condition monitoring
  • Noise and vibration isolation
  • Signal Processing of Mechanical Systems
Dr. Neelesh Kumar Jain
Professor (HAG)

Room No. 612; Silicon Building
Email: nkjain[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603327

Research Interests:

  • Additive Manufacturing of High Melting Point Materials,
  • Surface Modification and Joining of Thin Sheets by µ-PTA Process
  • High Quality Gear Finishing by Advanced ECH, PECH, AFF
  • Sustainable and Green Manufacturing of Gears
  • Near Net-shape Manufacturing of Meso-sized Gears
  • Advanced and Hybrid Machining Processes,
  •  Micromachining and Nano-finishing Processes
  • Process Selection, Modeling and Optimization of the Manufacturing Processes
  Dr. Bhupesh Kumar Lad
Room No. 619; Silicon Building
Email: bklad[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603235     Homepage
 Research Interests:

  • Reliability Engineering
  • Assessment Management
  • Prognostics
Dr. Devendra Deshmukh
Room No. 618 B; Silicon Building
Email: dldeshmukh[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603231
Research Interests:

  • Internal combustion engines
  • Biofuels
  • Spray and combustion diagnostics
  Dr. I. A. Palani 


Room No. 616; Silicon Building
Email: palaniia[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603232 Homepage
Research Interests:

  • Optical instrumentation
  • Mechatronics System Design
  • Laser assisted synthesis and characterization of Nano structures for functional devices
Dr. Kazi Sabiruddin
Associate Professor
Room No. 621 A; Silicon Building
Email: skazi[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603236
Research Interests:

  • Surface Engineering, Manufacturing
Dr. Ritunesh Kumar
Room No. 625; Silicon Building
Email: ritunesh[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603237
Research Interests:

  • Desiccant Cooling Systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Heat Transfer
  Dr. Santosh K. Sahu
Professor, Head of the Department
Room No. 613; Silicon Building
Email: santoshk[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603238     Homepage
Research Interests:

  • Thermal Engineering
  • Thermal hydraulics
  • Multi phase flows
Dr. Satyajit Chatterjee
Associate Professor
Room No. 618 A; Silicon Building
Email: satyajit[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603239
Research Interests:

  • Surface Technology
  • Coatings Tribology
  • Solid Lubrication
Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran
Room No. 621 B; Silicon Building
Email: sdhina[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603240     Homepage
Research Interests:

  • Bluff body flows
  • Heat transfer in porous media
  • Nanofluids

Dr. Shailesh I. Kundalwal
Associate Professor
Applied and Theoretical Mechanics (ATOM) Lab


Room No. 620; Silicon Building
Email: kundalwal[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603284     Homepage

Research Interests:

  • Computational Nanomechanics of Solids
  • Finite Element Analysis of Composites
  • Nanomechanics & Micromechanics of Composites
  • Nanotechnology in Engineering
  • Smart Materials and Structures
Dr. Indrasen Singh 
Assistant Professor
Room No. 622; Silicon Building Email: indrasen[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603282
Research Interests:

  • Computational solid mechanics
  • Metallic glass, Nanoglass
  • Frature mechanics
  • Mechanical behaviour of materials
  • Finite element methods
Dr. Yuvraj Kumar Madhukar
Assistant Professor
Room No. 614; Silicon Building Email: yuvrajmadhukar[at]
Phone: +91 731-6603294
Research Interests:

  • Laser Material Processing
  • Water Assisted Laser Processing
  • Additive Manufacturing
Dr. Pavan Kumar Kankar
Associate Professor
Room No. 615; Silicon Building

Phone: +91 731-6603427   HomePage

Research Interests
  • Fault Diagnosis of Mechanical Components
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Machine Learning
  • Signal Processing
    Dr. Girish Chandra Verma         

Assistant Professor

Room No. 714, Silicon Building

Contact :  +91 731-6603208                                                      Email: girish.verma[at]

Research Interests:

  • Machining processes,
  • Abrasive based finishing process,
  • Ultrasonic-assisted machining process and Additive manufacturing
Dr. Harekrishna Yadav
Assistant Professor

Room No. 713, Silicon Building
Contact: +91 731-6603209
Email: krishnpme [at],     

Research Interest:

  • Experimental Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Fluid Structure Interaction, Shear Flow, Flow and Turbulence Measurement using Optical Techniques, Heat Transfer Enhancement, Renewable and Sustainable Energy


Dr. Satyanarayan Patel
Assistant Professor



Room No. 712, Silicon Building
Contact :+91 731-6603216
Email: spatel [at]

Research Interests:

  • Energy conversion, storage and harvesting materials
  • Solid State Refrigeration
  • Piezoelectric, Pyroelectric and ferroelectric materials
  • Energy Engineering



Dr. Dan Sathiaraj
Assistant Professor
Room No. 711, Silicon Building
Contact : +91 731-6603217
Email: dansathiaraj [at]
Research Interests:

  • Medium to High entropy alloys
  • Severe plastic deformation (SPD), Recrystallization and grain growth study
  • Micro, Nano- machining of MEAs and HEAs
  • Surface modification Engineering (SMAT, Laser Shot-peening, etc)
  • Mechanical and functional property study
Dr. Ankur Miglani

Assistant Professor


Room No. 715, Silicon Building

Phone: +91 731-6603220

Email: amiglani[at]


Research Interests:

  • Combustion of next-generation fuels: Gel fuels and nanoparticle laden fuels
  • Thermal management of power-dense electronics:  Flow boiling in microchannels
  • Microfluidics:  Flow freezing in microchannels
  • Soft-matter: Instabilities in drying colloidal droplets


Dr. Ashish Rajak

Assistant Professor


Room No. 617, Silicon Building    Contact: +91-731-6603285

Email: a.rajak [at]


Research Interests:

  • High strain rate material processing, electromagnetic: forming, welding, crimping, cladding, hemming, powder compaction, explosive welding, vaporizing foil actuator



Dr. Krishna Mohan Kumar

Assistant Professor


Room No. 524, Silicon Building Contact: +91-731-6603359

Email: kmkumar [at]

Research Interests:

  • Acoustics of Ducts and Mufflers;
  • Industrial Noise and Vibration Control;
  • Automotive Noise Control; and Designing for Quietness;



Dr. Sandeep Singh

Assistant Professor


Room No. 525, Silicon Building Contact: +91-731-6603356

Email: sandeeps [at]

Research Interests:

  • Solid mechanics and design,
  • Finite element method,
  • Theory of plates and shells,
  • Computational material science,
  • Multiscale modelling of nanomaterials
      Dr. S Janakiraman

Assistant Professor


Room No. 202-B, Titanium Building

Contact: +91-731-660-3378

Email:  janakiramans [at]

  Research Interests:

  •  Energy Storage Materials,
  •  Lithium & Sodium – ion Batteries,
  •  Polymer Electrolytes, Composites,  & Thin Film Batteries.







Dr. Vijai Laxmi

Assistant Professor



Room No. 202-B, Titanium Building

Contact: +91-731-660-3174

Email: vijai.laxmi [at]


Research Interests:

  • Microfluidics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Development of lab-on-a-chip/organ-on-a-chip models for healthcare purposes
  • Low-cost and bio-inspired micro fabrication techniques



Adjunct Faculty

Name Igor Sevostianov
Designation Distinguished Professor at New Mexico State University
PhD St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Email Address

Prof. Igor Sevostianovcompleted his PhD. from St. Petersburg State University, Russia. He is a Dwight L. and Aubrey Chapman Distinguished Professor at New Mexico State University and an Adjunct Professor at IIT Indore. His research interests are Micromechanics, Biomechanics, Advanced manufacturing, Contact mechanics, Multi-physics phenomena in solids, Inverse problems, and Mechanics of viscoelastic solids.

Areas of Expertise  


Fluid Mechanics (Theory, Experiments, and CFD), Heat Transfer (Theory, Experiments, and Computations), System Design.


Research Project Mechanisms of amplification and damage in three- and four-phase aluminum matrix composites (Funded by NIH, Germany).


VAJRA Faculty

Name Amitabh Narain
Designation Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technological University, USA
PhD University of Minnesota
Email Address

Professor Amitabh Naraincompleted his PhD. from University of Minnesota,USA. He is a Professor at Michigan Technological University, USA and Visiting Advanced Joint Research (VAJRA) Adjunct Faculty at IIT-Indore, India – a program initiated by the Department of Science and Technology of Government of India..He is a Fellow of the ASME, an Associate Editor of the Journal of Heat Transfer, and Director of the Energy-Thermo-Fluids area in his department. His current research areas deal with state-of-the-art experimental and computational techniques for single-phase and phase-change (flow-boiling and flow-condensation) flows, particularly those related to energy technologies such as thermal management and power generation applications.

Areas of Expertise  

Fluid Mechanics (Theory, Experiments, and CFD), Heat Transfer (Theory, Experiments, and Computations), System Design.

Research Project Research and education partnership for the development of innovative flow-boiling and thermal-systems – with emphasis on data-centres and power-plants


SPARC Faculty

Name YogeshwarNath Mishra
Designation Researcher at California Institute of Technology
PhD Lund University, Sweden
Email Address
Biography Dr.YogeshwarNath Mishra completed his PhD. from Lund University, Sweden. He is a researcher at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology and an Adjunct Professor at IIT Indore under SPARC scheme. His research interests are Light sheet imaging, Laser Spectroscopy, Structured illumination flow and Combustion

Areas of Expertise


Fluid Dynamics, Microfluidics, Combustion, Optofluidics


Research Project


Structured Illumination for Turbid and Turbulent Environments (SITTE)