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Nanomaterial with multifunctional properties are critical in the next-generation devices. Among such materials, wide direct bandgap II-VI semiconductor ZnO surge in much interest in transparent conductors, photo-catalyst, gas sensors, field-effect transistor, light emitting diodes, and various optoelectronic devices. In our lab we focus on the study of controlled growth of ZnO nanostructures, which has long been regarded as one of the biggest obstacles due to lack of controlling parameters or clear understanding of the subject to their commercial technological applications. Here we controlling the growth of ZnO nano-flower, nano-needles, nano-rods nano-tube and nano-flakes on glass/flexible or conductive substrate by simple hydrothermal method. This studies provides the hint of guiding structural, optical, electrical and magnetic properties by controlled growth of nano-rods, flowers, needles or tubes with/without external chemical doping. Recently there is a extensive studies have been carried out toward revealing the size-dependent optical and nonlinear optical properties of ZnO nanocrystals. Using Open aperture Z-scan, we demonstrated the substantial enhancement of the two photon absorption coefficient as much as 14 times in Ni doped ZnO..


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