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Supercapacitor for Energy Storage Application

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In this project, our study is focused on understanding the supercapacitive performance of various electrode material mainly transition metal oxides and its hybrid composites for supercapacitor application and use it in replacement of batteries. Our aim is to synthesize highly porous electrode materials for supercapacitor applications with high energy and power density and later part of the project will be the fabrication of device. We have synthesized NiCo2O4, NiFe2O4, Co3O4 etc. materials for supercapacitor application. Various physical (XRD,FESEM, BET etc.) and electrochemical characterizations (CV, GCD, EIS etc.) were performed in order to study the structural, morphological and electrochemical behaviour for NiCo2O4 electrode material. We are able to synthesize well crystalline mesoporous nanoflakes of NiCo2O4 and achieved highest specific capacitance of 1125 Fg-1 @ 0.05Ag-1 current density without any supporting base like carbon cloth, Ni/Ti-foil. Ragone plot shows high specific energy density (49.25 Wh kg-1) and corresponding specific power density (1851.31 Wkg-1) even at high current density of 0.5 Ag-1. A comparative study was done in order to know the superiority of the NiCo2O4 electrode materials with other materials.


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