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Faculty Profile : Dr. Neelima Satyam

Civil Engineering


  • Ph.D: 9 awarded, 2 on-going and 1 submitted
  • MS: 3 awarded
  • M. Tech: 26 awarded

  • Ph.D

  • On-going
  • Name of Student Thesis Title
    Nikhil Kumar Pandey Physical and numerical modelling of failure triggered debris flows for quantitative hazard assessment
    Vikas Rawat Mitigation of Riverbank soil erosion using Biocementation
  • Awarded
  • Name of Student Thesis Title Year of Award Current Affiliation
    Kunal Gupta (Prime Minister's Research Fellow) Integrated Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Early Warning Systems for Combined Landslide Hazards in Uttarakhand Submitted
    Monika Dagliya Mitigating Aeolian Sand Erosion and Strength Enhancement of Indian Desert Sand Using Biobased Solutions 2024 Assistant Professor, PIMR, Indore, India
    Neharika Rao Ganta Seismic hazard and seismic slope stability assessment of Sikkim-Drajeeling, India 2023 Intermediate Geotechnical Engineer, Geoterre Ltd., Canada
    Falak Zahoor Seismic hazard and geotechnical vulnerability assessment of the soils in the Kashmir Region, Jammu and Kashmir 2023 Assistant Professor, NIT Srinagar, India
    Minu Treesa Abraham (Alexander von Humboldt Fellow) Rainfall induced landslides in the Western Ghats, India: Spatio-temporal forecasting and debris flow modeling 2022 Geotechnical Research Engineer, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Norway
    Ambika Srivastav Seismic response of rock tunnels in mixed Himalayan geology 2022 Assistant Senior Engineer, Jacobs, India
    Swati Priyadarsini Seismic hazard assessment for Vishakapatnam and allied site specific studies 2021 Assistant Professor, NMREC, Hyderabad, India
    Nitin Tiwari Performance evaluation and deformation behaviour of reinforced paved structure 2021 Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University, USA
    Meghna sharma Effects of bacterial and treatment combinations on biocementation of sand: Strength enhancement, liquefaction resistance, durability, and contamination immobilization 2021 Assistant Professor, NIT Hamirpur, India
    Pallavi Badry Seismic soil structure interaction analysis of piled- raft supported asymmetrical buildings 2016 Professor, VJIT, Hyderabad, India

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Name of student Current Affiliation Fellowship Type
    Dr. Naveen Chandra Scientist 'B', Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun, India INSA Visiting Scientist Programme 2024

    International PhD Students

    Name of student Name of University/Institute
    Girma Dejene Nage Jimma University, Ethiopia
    Dibyashree Lohani Poudyal Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

    MS by Research

    Name of student Thesis Title Year of Award
    Abhirup Dikshit Landslide hazard assessment and monitoring at Chibo Pashyor 2018
    Niharika Rao Landslide hazard assessment in South Sikkim 2015
    Akhila Manne Site characterization and ground response analysis of Vijayawada urban 2014

    M. Tech Guidance

    Name of student Thesis Title Year of Award
    Ashruf Mohammad Design of metro rail station with spine and wing concept 2016
    N Vijay Kumar Spectral seismic analysis of structure using SAP2000 2016
    Krishna Ratnam Soil structure interaction of bater piles 2016
    N Mohan Srinivas Analysis of monopile of wind turbines in offshore structures 2015
    Syed Hussain Numerical modeling of underground tunnel using displacement approach 2014
    P Purthvi Chowdary Integral abutment bridges with SSI 2014
    Divyavani B Analysis and design of underground structures 2014
    Keerthi Kasyap Seismic reliability of lifeline structures in Vijayawada 2014
    Chaitanya E Seismic reliability of life-line structures in Gangtok 2014
    BVS Vasudha Design of stone colums at Noida, Delhi 2013
    A Kartik Modeling of granular flow and its impact on retaining wall 2013
    Abhineet Agarwal Numerical modeling of granular media 2013
    Harrshit Varma Modeling of water flow in pipeline networks 2013
    Valeti Goutham Modeling of real-time water flow in pipelines 2013
    Madhu Kotika Tunnel in soft ground 2013
    Shilpa Choudhary SSI analysis of structures supported on piles 2012
    O Divya Dynamic response analysis of nuclear building on thick soft sedimentary deposits 2011
    P Saranya Site characterization using digital image processing 2011
    R. Vijayalakshmi A study on numerical modelling of tunnelling in Siwaliks 2011
    K Rajesh Chandra Estimation of fundamental period of alluvial soil deposits 2011
    Lalit Kumar Numerical modelling of a pile foundation in liquefiable strata 2011
    V V Varun Naidu Soil structure interaction analysis of high rise buildings 2010
    Sai Charan VVKS Numerical analysis of landslide due to seismic activity 2010
    B. Uday Kumar Estimation of liquefaction for Vijayawada region 2009
    M. Prasanna Kumar Dynamic analysis of nuclear reactor building considering SSI 2009
    Shaik Syed Design a seismic analysis of retaining wall 2009