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Faculty Profile : Dr. Neelima Satyam

Civil Engineering


  • Granted: 5, Published: 1

  • Neelima Satyam, Monika Dagliya and Nitin Tiwari, "Portable Integrated Stand for Constant and FallingHead Permeability Apparatus", Patent Application No. 393005-001, Intellectual Property India (Status: Granted on 18/08/2023) (Link)

  • Neelima Satyam and Nitin Tiwari, "Ground Improvement Technique using Indigenous Bacteria forBiocementation of Expansive Soil Subgrades", Patent Application No. 202021057003, IntellectualProperty India (Status: Granted on 24/07/2023). (Link)

  • Nitin Tiwari And Neelima Satyam "Process for Culturing Indigenous Bacteria for Treating Clays withVarying Plasticity to Improve Engineering Behavior", Patent Application No: 2021105096, Australian Innovation Patent (Status: Granted on 09/05/2022) (link)

  • Minu Treesa Abraham, Neelima Satyam and Biswajeet Pradhan, "Modelling Calibration of FrictionParameters for Debris Flow", Patent Application No. 2021106606, Australian Innovation Patent (Status: Granted on 10/11/2021) (link)

  • Neelima Satyam and Meghna Sharma, "Bio-Chem-Reactor for Biocementation and Method Thereof", Patent Application No. 202021051658, Intellectual Property India (Status: Granted on 17/10/2023) (Link)


  • Prashant Lahre, Kundan Meshram, Shailendra Kumar, Rajendra Kumar Choubey, Neelima SatyamDevarakonda and Balbeer Kumar Pandey, "Integrated Mass Spring Damper and Liquid-CircularAngular Accelerometer System for Structural Strength Analysis", Patent application No.202341017984, Intellectual Property India (Status: Published on 16/03/2023)