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Growth of Superconducting NbSe2 Single Crystals

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Our primary goal is to synthesize of pure, high quality single crystal of different type of superconductors specially the transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). NbSe2 is one of the most interesting and strongly correlated electron systems. The 00l peaks in the xrd pattern of NbSe2 single crystal confirms the growth along the c axis direction of the superconducting flakes. The four probe R-T measurement with different magnetic field gives us the information nearby the superconductive transition region like thermal fluctuation, quantum fluctuation and the existence of the vortex liquid phase in the superconducting Meissner state. We also evaluate the fundamental parameters of superconductivity like upper critical field (HC2), coherence length (), isotropic superconducting gap () at zero temperature, penetration depth (), Ginzburg number (Gi). The slope of the H-T diagram dH/dT│Tc near transition temperature (TC) helps us to determine whether the superconductor in the dirty limit or clean limit.

  • R. Pervin, M. Krishnan, A.K. Rana, S. Kannan, S. Arumugam, P.M. Shirage*, "Enhancement of superconducting critical current density by Fe    impurities substitution in NbSe2 single crystal and vortex pinning mechanism", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. (Accepted)

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